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Topic: Charts for Wilton and Ateco tips & their usage
whoknew? 07/19/2011 1:56 PM
Information courtesy of

Wilton and Ateco are manufacturers of cake decorating products. MOST Wilton and Ateco tips and couplers are interchangeable, but not all. [Ateco calls their tips “tubes”. Ateco does not have a slit in their standard couplers.] has online versions of the manufacturer's charts:

(Note: The “standard tubes” at the bottom of the chart above are made by Ateco)

You may order the Wilton chart: “Decorating Tip Poster”, #909-192, for $6.99

(Note: You need to click on each “page” and you will get a full-size picture)

You may order a copy of the 20 page Ateco booklet, “Cake Decorating Reference Manual by Ateco”, #14936-000486, from for $4 + shipping.

Ateco does make a unique set of “ruffle” tips that produce lovely buttercream ruffles. Sugarcraft sells a Ruffle Tube Set, #384, $3.69, that contains #030, #040, #070 and a single plastic coupler.

Quote from the Sugarcraft site:
Many imported tips (and even some Wilton ones), have a smaller opening on the end which doesn't allow the tip to fit standard couplers. (tip is too small around). Any undersized tip can be used with or without a coupler this way:
Choose a regular tip w/round opening larger than the tip you want to use. Place the smaller tip in the larger rounded tip and secure with coupler. If you want to use this tip without a coupler, use a parchment bag. Be sure to make the cone smaller by overlapping the bag more than usual. Tear off the end and drop the tip in.

Quote from mmumsie:
“The tips made in England are a completely different story. They have the same numbers, but the tip looks entirely different."
trybaking06 07/19/2011 2:41 PM
Thanks for the information. The ateco tips my old boss accidently gave me seem thicker than my wilton, does that sound funny. I wonder what tips does everyone prefer
Mbranko24 07/19/2011 7:32 PM
Thanks so much! I was looking at Ateco tips this week and this is a great reference!

kaikikat 03/04/2012 8:46 PM
Do you know if the Wilton and Betty Crocker Tips are Interchangeable? Please Help!!!!!
whoknew? 03/04/2012 10:26 PM
kaikikat~~Welcome to the forum. Betty Crocker and Wilton tips are NOT interchangeable as far as I know. If you use the technique of just dropping the tip in a disposable decorating bag and don't use a coupler, you may be able to use the Betty Crocker tips, but I stick with Wilton or Ateco.
tmana 07/21/2012 8:09 AM
Wilton tips are easier to find (Michaels, AC Moore) - but the selection is much smaller. When I go to my local baking supply shops (,, their drawers are a mix of individual Wilton and Ateco tips. I get whichever brand they have in the number/style I need -- most often, Ateco because of their broader selection. Ateco also has a better selection of left-handed tips (I'm left-handed), though I'm going to have to mail-order these, as (except for the Wilton carded 59°/97/116 and 106/107) they're not stocked by my local shops.