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Topic: Advice on bake sale prices!
fondant_123 07/01/2011 5:19 PM
This is my first time doing a bake sale! I want to do a bake sale with my friends to raise money for breast cancer awarness. I would just like some advice on my prices for the items. If you have any other ideas or comments, I am open to your suggestions!

- Mini banana bread $ 1.75
- Loaf of banana bread $ 4.50
- Chocolate dipped pretzel rods drizzled with pink chocolate and/or sprinkles $ 0.50
- Chocolate dipped rice krispy treats drizzled with pink chocolate and/or sprinkles $ 1.00
- Vanillla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream topped with sprinkles (might do pink fondant ribbon) $ 1.00
- Chocolate cupcakes with chocolate buttercream topped with sprinkles $ 1.00
- Medium sized chocolate chip cookies $ 0.50
- 6 peanut butter cookies wrapped for $ 1.50

I also might do a few 8" cakes for around $8.00
trybaking06 07/01/2011 6:56 PM
i think your prices are a little too cheap. i would charge;

mini loaf: $3.00
loaf: $5.00
pretzel: $1.00
crispies: okay
cupcakes: $1.50
chocolate chip cookies: $1.00
6pack: $3.00

Make sure you cover your cost first. This is what i figure would work in my area, i live in northern illinois
fondant_123 07/01/2011 8:50 PM
Thank you so much! This will definitely help me! I was thinking even if the prices are too cheap or too expensive, I can change the price during the bake sale.

Is around $ 8.00 good for decorated cakes? I might do like carrot cake, red velvet etc
creative_rb 07/01/2011 10:12 PM
My advice? Don't price them! Make it all by donation. I've done several bake sales that way, its simpler and profitable! Sure some people will be cheep but most won't! Some will give way more than they would if it was priced.
momtobe 07/01/2011 11:04 PM
I'm in Westchester NY, at the school bake fair they had my very nice cupcakes-decorated with grass tip, marshmallow easter bunny and 3 jelly beans for the same 50 cents as a cupcake "with a schmeer" of canned frosting!! I thought at LEAST $1.00 for the cupcake. Also they had 3 cookies packaged for $1, which irritated me to no end, considering my cupcakes were "valued at .50 cents".

You need to charge what your market will bear. You are right, you can always lower the price.

How about making a "fancy cake" that they can buy a raffle to? I bet it will sell more raffles than you would have sold the cake for!

Just my thought.
Good Luck!
fondant_123 07/02/2011 8:30 AM
I never thought of that! Thats a cool idea
fondant_123 07/02/2011 8:36 AM
I like the idea of the fancy cake momtobe! My friends and I were thinking of donating the money to breast cancer research, so maybe i should to a pink decorated cake. How much would you sell the tickets for? Around $ 0.50?
trybaking06 07/02/2011 11:02 AM
that raffle idea sounds really good. You can get a lot of money for the charity.
sweetgrandma 07/02/2011 3:53 PM
I think it depends on your area. You could try asking more at first and if they don't sell reduce your prices.
Where I live cakes at bake sales don't go for much. I learned real quick not to put too much time and energy in the cakes I donate. When I saw a fancy cake that I'd worked hours and hours on sell for $5.00 I decided I wouldn't waste my time doing that again. I still donate cakes but they're quick mixes with a pretty border and a few bc roses on top.
cq75 07/02/2011 4:15 PM
I'd also suggest you go to a couple of grocery stores in your area and see what the prices are in the bakery department for comparisons. That way your prices are aligned with what people are accustomed to seeing when they do their regular shopping.

Good luck with your sale!

fondant_123 07/19/2011 1:58 PM
thanks for the great suggestions ;)
eden1103 07/20/2011 12:00 AM
I second the idea of donation only. I've done quite a few bake sales for my husband's unit and I don't know if it was just the soldiers or not but we made out way better that way. Way more than if we had priced it. Just make sure you are in a good location...that will make ALL the difference either way.