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Topic: how long to let a cake cool
Rainglow17 04/19/2011 11:12 AM
how long should you let a cake cool before taking it out of the pan? the last few cakes i made have been sticking to the bottom a little, and i don't know if it is because i left it to cool too long, or if i need to let it cool longer. At that point, I don't know whether to just get it out however necessary, (usually using a rubber spatula along the edges and slightly tugging at the bottom helps) or if i should let it cool longer.

Any quick responses would be great, as I have a cake cooling right now that wont come out of the pan. Should i keep letting it cool and go back after a bit?
cakesbychrystal 04/19/2011 11:19 AM
If your cakes are sticking, I would think that how you prep your pan before you pour in the cake batter would be the problem. If you cake won't come out at all, cooling is not the issue. I let mine cool for 10-15 min before taking them out, but sometimes I forget and the cake stays in the pan longer, but it still comes out. I line all my pans with parchment or wax paper and spray with Baker's Joy (baking spray with flour in it). My cakes come out fine.
Rainglow17 04/19/2011 11:32 AM
I usually use shortening (the kind you have to smear on, not spray) and dust with flour. This used to work fine, but the last two times I had difficulty and that was when I had to use the spatula to loosen around the edges some. This current cake cooled for about an hour before I attempted to take it out. I'm sure that was probably too long. I actually didnt realize it had been that long, but I was busy getting my son finished with lunch and off to school, etc. It did come out pretty easily after loosening the edges, but some of the cake "crust" stuck to the pan.

Does it make a difference what proportion of shortening and flour is used?

I'm not sure about using wax paper in the oven. I've honestly never tried it or know one way or the other about it, so I googled it, and found some arguements for and against using it in the oven. So for now I think i'll just stick to shortening and flour. And I guess I will start paying more attention to the time! Thanks for your help!
cakesbychrystal 04/19/2011 11:43 AM
Wax paper and parchment paper are safe to be used in the oven. I use both with no issues. Here's some info from Reynolds website:

Can I use Reynolds® Cut-Rite® Wax Paper in the oven?
Cut-Rite® Wax Paper may be used as a liner in baking cakes, quick breads, muffins or any baked food in which the batter completely covers the wax paper lining. Wax paper should never be directly exposed to the heat of an oven.

Why should I line my cake pan with wax paper?
When you line cake pans with Reynolds® Cut-Rite® Wax Paper, there is no need to grease and flour the pans. Here's a quick tip: Place each cake pan on wax paper, trace around bottom, cut out a wax paper circle and drop it into the pan. After baking and cooling, loosen sides of cake with a knife. Invert cake onto a cooling rack. Remove pan and peel off wax paper for a smooth surface that's ready to frost.

I can't tell you how much flour/shortening to use because I don't use it. I just line my pan and spray.
jessiecakes988 04/19/2011 11:55 AM
i usually wait 5 mins AT LEAST before even thinking of touching it. but then if after the 5 mins the cake is still warm to the touch i'll leave it.

as far as helping a stuck cake out of your pan try running a spatula around the edge or a knife and see if you can loosen it up AFTER it's cooled. hopefully it doesn't get stuck on the bottom and the middle stays in the pan- have had that happen before. i usually just use like PAM baking or flour spray. never had luck with butter and flour guess i never do it right.

good luck hope it comes out pun intended
mmumsie 04/19/2011 12:05 PM
I do 10-15 minutes, then level, then remove.
dottiepark 04/19/2011 1:39 PM
If I let a cake sit too long in the pan and it seems to e sticking, I run it over a gas burner a few times and that does the trick. But lining the pan with waxed paper is a sure-fire way to avoid this issue.
ginnyl 04/19/2011 1:41 PM
I have found that cake release works great..I do line the bottom with parchment to..sometimes for good measure I give it a spray of Bakers Joy and let the cake cool for a bout 15 mins and out it pops,,,
zinger60 04/19/2011 2:07 PM
dottipark is right. If you leave the cake to cool too long in the pan, the cake will stick if shortening and flour are used on it. I have an electric cook top so if mine are sticking, I just hold the bottom of the pan over the warm burner for a little bit and then see if it will release. Or you could put it in a warm oven for a few minutes just until it is heated up a bit and then it will come out of the pan.