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Topic: How to store a fondant cake?
lily2521 03/29/2011 3:24 PM
I will be making a fondant cake for my daughter's birthday this upcoming weekend.

There isn't anything perishable in the cake, no fillings. Only the baked cake covered in fondant.

I'm making it on Saturday, the party is on Sunday. I'm not sure how to store it for the 24 hours before the party?

Pretty new to this - excited to make it!

lesliesolo 03/29/2011 3:26 PM
I would just box it and store it on the counter until you're ready to serve it. Good luck!
lily2521 03/29/2011 3:27 PM
I can't box it - it will be too large. I'm doing a 2 tiered cake, bottom tier is 12" round and top is 8" - both 3" tall.

Oh and one more I need to crumb coat it? I've never heard of this until today, and never done it before? Thanks!
lesliesolo 03/29/2011 3:33 PM
Ahhh... when I do a 2-tiered that's going to need to be stored or transported, I put it in a box, pull the lid up without closing it, tape the sides of the box in place so that the lid will not fall onto the cake, then I lay a piece of saran wrap over the top to "cover" the cake and protect it from anything getting on it. I hope that makes sense!! ;-)
lesliesolo 03/29/2011 3:36 PM
To the other question - yes, unless your cake is extremely smooth already, you will probably want to do a thin coat of buttercream underneath the fondant. It'll help give it a smoother finish, and that way there'll be some buttercream on the cake as well in case someone eating the cake doesn't care for the fondant! (The buttercream will peel off with the fondant 9 times out of 10, but you can always scrape some of the buttercream back onto your fork and then stab a bite of cake! )
lily2521 03/29/2011 3:40 PM
Thank you so much for your help! Your box does make sense!

As far as the crumb coating - can I just use a chocolate frosting/icing that's store bought for the crumb coating? I don't know if this matters, but I'm making my own marshmallow fondant...
lesliesolo 03/29/2011 3:45 PM
You can... you just want to get it as smooth as possible.... I usually make my own frosting, but I've had luck smoothing the Pillsbury chocolate frosting before (the regular, thick kind... not the whipped!) ... Once you've frosted the cake, let it "dry" for a little while (til you can touch it with your hand and it doesn't all peel back off when you pull your fingers back), then smooth it with a Viva paper towel and your hand or a fondant smoother....

Marshmallow fondant is great! I've never covered an entire cake with it, but I've used it several times to make fondant "accents" to put on buttercream-frosted cakes. It seems to work just the same as regular fondant to me, and it tastes better!
mrsj63 04/01/2011 7:22 PM
I have just done my very first marshmallow fondant cake for a baby shower. I was very nervous and am still nervous until we cut into the cake tomorrow (Saturday, April 2, 2011). The marshmallow fondant is so easy to make, fairly inexpensive. When using the fondant and coloring it, if it became too stiff for me to work with (I have arthritis and fibromyalgia), I just popped into the microwave for about 5-10 seconds. The fondant does dry quickly and this is frustrating. I did have cracks in it, but my daughter found a solution/repair tip on this website, so I will try to fix the cracks and dryness with some Crisco shortening before the baby shower starts.

My only question is that I am still perplexed about is the storing of the cake. Some say to store in the frig uncovered, some say frig/covered, some say room temperature/uncovered, yet others say room temperature/covered. My question is if you don't keep the fondant cake covered, won't it dry out, since it dries so fast when you are using it. Still very confused by how to really store a fondant covered cake. Can anyone help me understand this.
aneesa 04/02/2011 4:13 AM
What a cute cake! love it!
don't stress to much about storing the cake, i just leave my fondant cakes out on the table covered with a net until delivery which is sometimes 2 days and i have no problems at all...hope this helps