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Topic: Transporting Mini-Cupcakes - And Where are the Mini-Cupcake Carriers?
Babzee 03/19/2011 5:32 PM
Hi everyone, I'm sure this question has been posted previously, I just can't find it. How do you all transport your mini-cupcakes? And second, I know that Wilton has a carrier that is designed for mini-cupcakes, but on at least, the reviews are not very good. I have searched in vain, and cannot find another mini-cupcake carrier. I just hate the thought of trying to put them in a container where they will bash up against one each other. Thanks for suggestions, help.
LesaVaughn 03/19/2011 8:50 PM
Plastic container city has them. They do require at least a minimum order of $25 but at 45 cents each per container you can stock up! Go to
LesaVaughn 03/19/2011 8:52 PM
Also if you are in a pinch & need something fast, contact a local store bakery. I have tried chains like Krogers & Walmart but ours will not sale the containers. A locally owned store is more likely to help you. My IGA did, however.
ginnyl 03/19/2011 8:56 PM
I have the wilton carrier and it is just fine. Works very it with a 50% off coupon at michaels..~~~
whoknew? 03/19/2011 9:45 PM
Here's another method:

Cupcake cake delivery "system" made of aluminum foil
Babzee 03/20/2011 6:43 AM
Wow, thank you so much. LesaVaughn, those containers at plastic container city look perfect. I don't think I'll have trouble spending 25 bucks there. By the way, which mini-cupcake containers do you normally buy - the first or second ones listed? Thanks. And thank you, Ginny, for your good recommendation of the Wilton carrier. I'll take a look. And whoknew, what a clever idea. This forum is amazing. You all are so helpful. I appreciate it.
LesaVaughn 03/20/2011 11:02 AM
I prefer the 2nd one as I like to sometimes add higher icing. But if the cupcake mini is wide you might want the first one. But I like the deepness better. Go ahead & order one or two so you can see the difference. I would use the first one probably just for muffins, but that's me. Glad to help!
LesaVaughn 03/20/2011 11:03 AM
btw.....I often will hand wash these and reuse them especially if I will be at the venue. If any are going home or being given to someone then I don't worry about it. Otherwise, I recycle these for a while. Hot soap & water, and towel dry with lint free towel.
Babzee 03/20/2011 2:47 PM
Thank you so much, LesaVaughn. The list in my shopping cart at plastic container city is rapidly enlarging. Thanks again.
whoknew? 03/20/2011 6:05 PM
LesaVaughn, thanks for the link. I've shopped around, but if you are not buying in bulk, prices are always going to be high. The minimum order with shipping included is $41, but it's nice to be able to mix and match. Right now I'm on a kick with cupcake bouquets. I can make a 7 cupcake bouquet for $1.50 for all the supplies. Another member here, BlackWidowNor, did the figures to arrive at an average cost per cupcake of 30 cents.
That's $2.60 for a very nice cupcake gift.
Babzee 03/20/2011 6:24 PM
whoknew, I'm glad you brought this question up - how do you make your cupcake bouquets? Do you set your cupcakes on some type of board or cake box that has sides? I'm trying to imagine how you would transport that. Earlier, I was looking at single-use cake pans that I imagine are about 2 inches deep. I thought about setting my cupcake bouquet in something like that. Would like to hear what you do. Thanks.
Babzee 03/20/2011 7:35 PM
whoknew, I think I know now what you were talking about when you mentioned cake bouquets. I'm sorry, I was thinking of something else; in fact, here's the link:

A group of cupcakes are arranged to look like a flower on a cake board, but I would like to figure out a way that these could be arranged permanently on the cake board, so that someone could buy them already arranged. Thinking about it, though, I don't see how it can be done.

teenykat 05/23/2011 2:02 PM
just wondering how you transport the cupcake bouquet??? if you dont mind...