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Topic: Will ganache stick to the fondant?
nocakepro 11/02/2010 1:05 PM
I want to make my daughter a cake and cover it with Fondant-and so many people have said for it to turn out smooth you need to just crumb coat it-Well I am afraid that will make it to dry-I like alot of icing and I don't care to much for fondant-just the looks of it. Saw where some are using ganache-will that stick to the fondant? I want alot of icing on the cake but also a smooth finish-Any suggestions?? Thanks!
Gilles 11/03/2010 1:09 PM
Sure will. Set the ganache in the fridge, then spritz with water & apply fondant. Make sure the ganache is smooth as with any base to fondant, or you will see all the lumps & bumps.