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Topic: Candy Melts with Cake Pops
JKwalker 10/02/2010 9:49 PM
I have made many dozens of cake balls with melted chocolate. Recently, I've tried to use the candy melts and they seem to crack or, if there is a small hole, cake will ooze out. Any suggestions?
chianti 10/02/2010 9:53 PM
what kind of melts? are they of a good quality? like wilton or merckens? are they fresh?
mmumsie 10/03/2010 12:22 PM
JK - give us a little more details. Are they CB frozen? Were there air bubbles in the melts chocolate? Let us know what brand of melts you are using.
JKwalker 10/11/2010 5:34 PM
I have used Wilton and another brand. Both have cracked or the cake oozes out of little holes.
JKwalker 10/11/2010 5:35 PM
And yes, I will freeze the cake balls. I know the cracking is from the cake warming up and expanding, but some of them crack and some don't.
chianti 10/11/2010 6:34 PM
hmmmm i just dont know....i have used wilton melts with my pops and never had a problem. Sorry i cant help....someone may be around soon who can help
whoknew? 10/12/2010 3:27 PM
First, because I have no idea how to move pictures and emails and stuff around on the internet, send me a private message with your regular email address and I can forward (I barely know how to do that) an email I got from a lady that makes cake ball lollipops for sale. Her work is flawless. You can private message me by clicking on the padlock by my post. I had emailed her and said my cake balls were super messy looking, not smooth at all and how did she get that smooth chocolate candy coating look. She responded with pictures and explanations. This is the link to her facebook page:

Here's the text that accompanied her pictures: "i do use the candy melts. (not sure if you've tried these, but alot of times the white candy melts are cheaper, and if you want to just stock up on white candy melts get the wiltons candy colors.. they work amazing, the colors come out great!)

i use paramount crystals (you can order them off of ebay or alot of different online baking companies have them able to be shipped).. basically they are just purified flakes of crisco shortening. crisco is known to leave an oily taste to the chocolate, but if you aren't able to get your hands on some paramount crystals, the crisco will work just fine. use very little at first. (if using the p.crystals there is a 2tbsp/1lb of chocolate ratio but i use very little at a time and add more if i need to, til i get the right consistency).. when you add this, it will make the chocolate take longer to dry, so be patient, i made 20 cake pops for a friend and thought they were dry and when i went to put the bags on them they all smudged.. it was a mess."

Using the paramount crystals or the Lorann paraffin or Crisco apparently thins out the chocolate and makes it a better product to cover your cake balls.

lauraroyce23 02/09/2011 12:04 PM
I know it's been a long time since this discussion took place...but i have done a lot of cake pops and went through A LOT of trial and error and would like to share. If the candy melts are cracking it's because you froze the cake pop....frozen pop and hot candy equal cracked candy. Leave the pop in the freezer only long enough for the pop to harden, no more than 15 minutes. I time it and get no cracks i would say...95% of the time. hope this helps
whoknew? 02/09/2011 2:53 PM
Thanks for the update!
Mvergel 10/02/2011 8:37 PM
All I have to say when I read this is OMG! Your post just delivered me from all types of headache. This weekend I had two baby showers and my first batch came out amazing... (but I was taking the cake balls out of the freezer along the way) and by the time I was on my next batch ALL of my pops were cracking!! I didn't know what to do. I told my sis to not referred me being so ashamed. I just wanted to say thank you thank you thank you!! I have one question though. Once the cake balls have been in the freezer for 15 min...what do you do? Do you put them in the fridge to stay cool meanwhile working with a few at a time? Or do you altogether take them out of the freezer and work with them on the counter?
whoknew? 10/02/2011 8:53 PM
Mvergel--Welcome to the forum. Everyone here is so lovely and helpful. If you wish to private message lauraroyce23, you just click on the padlock next to her post.
Linsey 10/02/2011 8:58 PM
I use to have the cracking problem, now I freeze my pops and then take them out. While they are on the counter I melt my Wilton candy melts with crisco for about 60 to 90 seconds. Then let my chocolate cool a little and start dipping. I usually have to put some of the pops back into the freezer and remelt my chocolate and start again until they're all done. Good luck!
Charme 04/19/2012 3:31 PM
Can someone please help me! I am new to the whole cake pop/candy melt thing and I was wondering how many cake pops do I cover with a bag of candy melts? My son's birthday is coming up soon and I wish to do cake pops in the shape of pirate heads (ie. I need red, white and black candy melts!) However I do not know how many bags I actually need! Another question has anyone here ever made cake pops using the red velvet cake recipe? I would appreciate any help!! Thanks!
PopChef 05/07/2012 11:33 AM
I hope I can still help. I usually get two bags of candy melts for 50-60 pops. Good Luck.
Zsoka 02/10/2013 6:28 PM
Dear All,
I hope you can help me, im very desperate :(. I mainly use Wilton melts as they are pretty much the only melts available in Germany. Im not a fan because they are way too thick but I use paramount crystals and then they are ok. Ive made plenty of cake pops and only sparingly had a cracking problem, mainly when I layered different color melts. Today I was making 30 clown cake pops for tge kindergarten and as of now 23 cracked. I never freeze pops just chill them but lately i take them out of the fridge way before I start dipping, just so the balls are about the.same room temp as the melts. so i just dont have a clue why they cracked. Right after dipping i put on the hats, hair and nose to avoid having to glue everything after the melt hardens plus I read somewhere the result is better this way too. i did not press anything on just kept them in place for a few seconds. Can anybody pls tell me what the problem might be? They would have turned out gorgeous but this cracking ruins everything for me. I guess kids wouldnt care but I even cried that I put so much work in them and then they cracked...I also have another question. Is there a way to avoid tiny air bubbles from forming? I seem to have a problem with them and sometimes oil is dripping out of these tiny holes. Very frustrating :(. Pls pls someone advise me. I would like to understand why these things happen...Thank you very much!
whoknew? 02/10/2013 9:30 PM
I'm so sorry you had your darling cake pops crack after all that work. As you may have noticed, this is an old thread. Unfortunately, all I can do is offer sympathy, as I can't think of anything you may be doing wrong. This post will now be bumped to the top of the forum, so maybe someone else can help.

Welcome to the forum.
Zsoka 02/11/2013 12:00 AM
Thank you! What I was just thinking, can it be that it cracks under the weight of the hat and the two wine gu?m sort of things i put on for hair? Now im thinking maybe i should dip them twice? Either that or glue on everything. i cannot redo all of them but i have enough cake for a few more balls, i will give it a try. such a shame, even without the eyes and mouth they look adorable :(
Thanks again for replying!
whoknew? 02/11/2013 1:26 AM
Dipping them twice sounds like a great idea. It would certainly add strength to the finished cake pop. Please post a photo of your finished pops so I can see them! They sound adorable (even cracked a

Isn't is fascinating that we are "talking" from Germany to California about cake stuff. Right now it is nearly midnight in California. I'm heading off to beddie-bye. I hope to see a photo tomorrow of your cute pops.
Zsoka 02/11/2013 4:40 PM
Hi, yes its pretty cool though i have to say im working in such an international environment im quite used to talk to people from all over the world
So my pops are ready, with double dipping 5 cracked out of 13...but their color is much nicer! Id love to upload pictures but im not sure where and how?
whoknew? 02/11/2013 7:06 PM
Friends on this forum helped me learn how to post pictures. Here's a thread with information:

How to Resize and Load Pics on Wilton Forum (by a computer dummy)