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Topic: COOKIES AS many do you give out per family, etc?
hunnybee 09/01/2010 8:00 AM
I want to make xmas cookies, covered with rolled buttercream or Alice's RI, for the first time to give out to my family for xmas.

I am wondering HOW MANY cookies do you usually give per family? I know it depends on family size, but for example how about a family of 4? The cookies with be your average size.

If you have used Alice's Modified RI, does it get 'rock' hard or just firm up for stacking. I want to cover the cookies with an icing that is stackable, but not hard.

Holy cow, I can't believe I am thinking about this must have been the thread on the 'holiday shopping' that made me start thinking of Christmas
Bre'scakemomma 09/01/2010 8:05 AM
if you've been to Hobby Lobby lately it will make you think Christmas too since they've already got all their trees out! As for the cookies I usually give a dozen but I usually have other candy/treats with them, if it's just cookies i would do 1 1/2-2 dozn. but that may just be the generous side of me. I usually do buckeyes, and PB wheels, and several types of cookies though I don' think i'm going that crazy this year, I HAVE to make the PB treats, but may not make the cookies this year. I REALLY want to start shrinking my waist line
beckthewreck 09/01/2010 8:08 AM
Since the decorated sugar cookies take so much time, I usually limit mine to 1-2 dozen (depends on who's on my good list haha) and then I might throw in some other goodies like fudge or another type of Christmas cookie (such as a drop cookie).
This is what works for me since I have a large extended family.
whoknew? 09/13/2010 12:34 AM
Hi there. I recently made my very first batch of cookies that I decorated with fondant and royal icing.

About two weeks ago somebody on either this forum or Cake Central gave me a blessing by posting a sale on cookie tins at Michaels--they were 60% off so I bought all they had in two different stores (about 25 total). There were two sizes, one will hold about 6-12 med/lg decorated cookies, and the smaller will hold 2-4 cookies, depending on how much pretty paper is put on the bottom of the tins.

I plan on using these tins with decorated sugar cookies for everyone on my list! The smaller tins will be perfect for teachers, coaches, and casual friends like the mailman, etc. The larger tins will work great for close friends and family. I read on this forum that you can freeze your undecorated cookies, so I'll be able to make a whole bunch over time, then just decorate like crazy. It will be so much easier since all the baking will be done. Also, having all the decorating stuff out will be sorta like a production line for one.

I learned that you can make cookies really fast by using the same cookie cutter to cut out a piece of fondant, then attach to cookie with a smear of buttercream, then brush on some luster dust. I purchased a set of Autumn Carpenter's Snowflake Cookie Cutter & Texture Set. Here's a link to explain,
and here's a link where you can buy the set for $17:
(You could also use any kind of impression mat with your existing cutters.)

I'll probably do like beckthewreck and throw some colorful candies in the tins to make more festive, then just wrap the tins with pretty ribbon and Ho Ho Ho!
dottiepark 09/13/2010 7:17 AM
I give cookies as gifts, too. I make 35 kinds, and no one gets one of everything. But I make my cookies kind of small, so they will fit in clear plastic containers (the kind you might buy a pre-made salad in). They hold about 18 cookies but I put the smaller, plain cookies at the bottom and top it off with one or two iced, decorated cookies. (VERY close family members get refills!)
my4babies 09/13/2010 8:48 AM
Wow, way to plan ahead!!! I am usually dashing to the grocery store a week before Christmas getting supplies for my cookie boxes!! I usually make however many it takes to fill the container I buy that year! See how planning ahead could help me!!! Good luck!
bunnywoman 09/13/2010 10:27 AM
I typically make up trays of cookies and candy for family and friends at the holidays. Some repeat, excellent customers get them as well.

They usually have about 12 cookies and 3-4 different kinds of candies on the tray.
karen 09/15/2010 8:54 PM
When I make my Christmas assortment of approx 15 different types of cookies, I'll make platters and give out 2-3 of each. I always make my cookies on the small side. With everyone watching their weight, they won't feel guilty taking a few different types. I just don't care for huge cookies. Cut out cookies are different. The size depends on how many you would give out.