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Topic: Favorite Must Have Tools?
BakingNovice 06/28/2010 11:25 AM
I've just recently discovered that I LOVE baking - it's so much fun! I was wondering if you guys would be willing to share your favorite must have products.

For me, I think it must be the bake even strips so far. Since I've used them, I haven't needed to level a cake!
pag41989 06/28/2010 11:52 AM
The Wilton cake release is AMAZING. I have never thought a cake could come out of the pan so easily
BakingNovice 06/28/2010 11:54 AM
I'm with you there - it's so easy and hassle free.
ponyjockey 06/28/2010 11:56 AM
Hhhmmm, I have a lot of favorites but the ones I can think of right off the top of my heard are:
1) The cake icer tip #789, cut the time you have to take to ice your cakes in HALF and you don't get as many crumbs.
2) My tool caddy, everything is in one place and organized so I can find things when I need them.
3) I know this is really simple but, couplers! I can change tips as many times as I need with only one bag.
4) My KitchenAid stand mixer, expensive but worth every single penny, and then some. Can't live without it.
5) My turntable, I love that thing soo much! It makes my life much easier.
6) 20" rolling pin, it feels really good in my hands and is a really good weight.
There are soo many favorites I have but I will be a good girl and let others have a turn too. :o)
diamondgirl 06/28/2010 12:18 PM
These are my new favorite must-have tools and they're not even tools but they help keep your stuff organized so you can find them in a snap. Ladycatisadiva turned me on to them at the Forum Fest and I practically ran to Big Lots to get them.
cakediva wannabe 06/28/2010 3:33 PM
Love the pix of your storage boxes. That is my current dilemma, I'm in my last week of Flowers and Decorating, took course 1, getting ready to register of gum paste and fondant...and have accumulated so much stuff already, I'm don't know where to start to keep the accessories organized. I have the tool caddy and wilton empty box (that I filled quite quickly!). Anyone have any ideas how to get started keeping this stuff organized?
Peachygirl1 06/28/2010 3:45 PM
I agree with all that has already been posted....I do really like my fondant 10 piece tool kit. I LOVE the disposable them by the 100's. I have several tip cases and the larger 18 and 20 inch bags that I use with my icing tip....gosh...those are just a few of my favorites off the top of my head. don't laugh. I use a lot of the storage containers similar to what ponyjockey posted, I also use the mini clear storage drawers, the ones you can stack and set on a table. But my all time favorite organizer that I keep handy and stocked with all the basics is an extra large tackle box. Yes ma'm...I am not kidding. The kind that you flip the lid and the trays go out like an accordion to each side. They have tons of compartments of different sizes and the middle is nice and deep. My kids think it's a hoot that I use a tackle was way cheaper than buying a cake organizer specifically. It works for me. I picked one up at Walmart for like $15 or so.
cakediva wannabe 06/28/2010 3:47 PM
OMG Peachygirl....I did see those at Walmart...they even came in neon girly colors for the lids! I will have to check them out again...thanks!
Twee 06/28/2010 10:19 PM
I joined this forum yesterday and I haven't stopped reading post after post. WOW, so informative.
It's great to have so many pros take the time and effort to respond to us newbies. Thank you.

Today, I signed up for the basic course. I have never done any decorating of cakes or cookies.
Only just a flat boring icing or glace.

Don't laugh... * please *
Well ... since I got such a fantastic deal, I bought the big Wilton Ultimate decorating set while at Michaels where my course is being taught. Came home and emptied out all the little plastic bags and started to organize the contents into the blue tote. It is already FULL and I have three of those clear shoe boxes with lids filled as well. I haven't even had ONE leson yet.

One shoe box is filled with cookie cutters
One box has little jars of icing colours, box of toothpicks, sprinkles and coloured sugars and extract flavours
The third shoebox I put things that I thought I probably wouldn't be using for the basics course.

I have no room left to store any new supplies :(
I need to figure out a much better storage system that has room for me to grow and easier for me to take in and out of the car when I go to class.

A few questions for the pros here.

1. In the top part of the ultimate tote, they have a section for the tips that came with the tote. Two of the included tips are just too tall to fit in there and still be able to close the lids. Where do you put all of your tips so they remain together? I have the same issue with the couplers... the small ones fit in the top section but the big one ( Given to me by a friend ) doesn't fit into the compartment.

2. Taking everything into class. Do you gals make several trips back and forth to the car?
The Wilton ultimate decorating set doesn't have wheels and then I have 2 more shoeboxes of supplies. Plus we were told to bring a cloth to clean up and a bag for your dirty supplies and a container to take home class projects. I'm going to leave at home the shoe box with advanced supplies. I seriously don't want to look like a fool on my first class. What have others done?

3. The kit came with a round cardboard disc. I have no idea what it is for but do I need that for my first class? It doesn't fit into the tote. Do I need to take the practising board to the first lesson or is it for using at home?

4. Do we get a manual when we go to our first class? Also do we get a copy of the yearbook with our lessons?

5. The cashier who signed me up, told me to bring scissors, sticky notes and a pen and some paper. What are the sticky notes used on ? Do we need big scissors or just little ones? ... space is an issue here

Thanks everyone.

cakediva wannabe 06/28/2010 10:49 PM are gonna love it! Sounds like you are pretty well set. I will be finishing my second course this week. I purchased a small handcart from Staples that folds up and is actually used for luggage. I load up my blue ultimate tool case, the burgundy and tan wilton case and put one of those recyclable bags filled with extras like notepad, towel, etc. on the top. Sometimes I get by with 1 trip from the car, but sometimes I have to make 2. I would rather have everything with me than be missing something in class. Good luck! The sticky notes are for you to write questions on and put them on a board when you get to class. The instructor will answer those questions at the end of class. Have fun!
Peachygirl1 06/28/2010 11:15 PM
Twee....WELCOME to the forum...isn't it a wonderful and addictive place?? Ha Ha I am NO expert but I can try to answer some of your questions and what worked for me....I am just finishing the final course but have been decorating for years on and off so have accumulated a bunch of stuff! Oh and I do not have the Ultimate tote that you purchased....just picked stuff up along the way... And it just keeps growing... Now with that said....

1. The tips that don't fit upright? Can you lay them on their sides? If not, I use the extra tip cases to store most of my tips. I also have various tins that I use for the big tips and the couplers.

2. At the end of each class, you will be informed of what you need to bring to the next class for that specific project or lesson as well as what should should always have on hand..such as (wet cloths, dry towel, scissors, tape, glue stick, wax paper squares, paper towels, various sizes of plastic baggies, spatulas, practice board etc). I made more than one rip to my car once. When I go now, if I can't carry it all in one trip..I just use a buggy...easy as pie! I then take it all back to the car in a buggy. I organized all my stuff in a tackle box, a small piece of a carry on tote? and a large shoulder bag.

3. The round board is probably for your cake for that class...not sure. I would take the practice board to every class. The first just like an orientation just take notes as the instructor goes over general things and such and you can ask questions.

4. Yes, you get an instruction book at the beginning of each course. It outlines all the classes for that particular course, what supplies you will need for each class and what specific techniques you will learn over the duration of the course. You do not receive a yearbook.

5. Not sure about the sticky notes? I would take a pad and pen so that you can jot down notes or questions and such. I took a note pad to every class...and the scissors...doesn't matter..big or small as long as they

That's all I can think of right now..for you instructors and pros out there...please add on or correct me if I am wrong or misinforming twee..

Twee 06/28/2010 11:41 PM
cakediva, what a super idea.

We have a Staples store not too far from the Michaels store. I'll drive out there tomorrow and see what I can find. Can't wait to get started now. Only wish I had done this course 40 years ago.
Twee 06/28/2010 11:49 PM
Peachygirl1, thanks for taking the time to answer my questions. Most appreciated ... hugsssssss

You sure are on the button when you say this site is addictive. I love looking at all the artistic talent in the picts people have taken of their finished projects. However, I am keeping my hopes and goals less challenging.

1. I would like to learn how to make those puffy, swirly tops on cupcakes
2. How to ice a nice cookie and make it look tempting to eat.

Re: tips, no the largest 2 tips won't even fit on their sides ( I tried that already ). I just have to deposit them into one of the little pullout drawers below with the couplers.

Good tip about using a buggy from the store. Never even thought of that idea.

son1013 06/29/2010 12:01 AM
I love my caddy that holds the icings. Oh also couplers.
MARIE J 06/29/2010 9:43 AM
diamondgirl - I remember those !! LOL They look like they're perfect for you

Twee - welcome to the forum !! I had about half a room full of stuff before I took my classes !!

Let me see - my favorite must have tool - hhhmmmmmmmmm - pretty much everything I use !! LOL Different tips, the cake leveler - small, icer tip, turntable, different fun cake pan shapes, disposable bags - wouldn't be without them !! colorings, large angled spatula - I call it the 'dinosaur' since it's so much bigger than the rest !! LOL pretty much anything else that comes to hand !!

For storage, I've got tons of storage containers - feels like I have shares in the companies !! LOL Here's a picture of part of my storage room !!
diamondgirl 06/29/2010 11:31 AM
Hi Marie!! Love your storage room. I'm gonna move in there and just play with cake stuff!! hahahaha
ponyjockey 06/29/2010 11:39 AM
Twee, you will learn how to do the swirl on top of the cupcake in the decorating basics course and you can probably find some posts about icing cookies. Marie, do you have room for me to move in too?
MommaPea 06/29/2010 11:42 AM
Love your storage room Marie. I have a large cabinet filled with all my stuff. I actually need a bigger one but I have a little set of drawers that was my great gramma's. I have my lorann fillings in there. Each drawer has a filling with it's appointed dropper. I have all my pans in totes now (about 4 totes full) because they don't fit in my cabinet. I need a larger area.
MARIE J 06/29/2010 1:59 PM
haha you guys crack me up !! The more the merrier is what I say !! We'll definately have fun playing with eveything LOL

My cake pans are a whole other issue !! LOL My daughter - Rhiann & I have over 300, and they don't fit in the room !!! We just keep the 'basic' shapes in the room - round, square, sheet pans, ovals, paisley, hexagons, hearts, petals, my new pillow pans, the others are elsewhere - but easily accessible !!
hydrience 06/29/2010 2:27 PM'll have TONS of fun with your classes!!! I know I did, but I've also learned so much from these wonderful ladies in the forum. Everyone is so helpful!! When I started my classes, I took a tote bag with my supplies, which didn't work out for me very well. I then decided to use a medium size rolling suitcase to carry all my supplies. It worked out perfect for me. Don't know if I looked like I was going on a trip...., but I wasn't struggling carrying all my supplies.