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Topic: why did my buttercream icing separate??????
vampiremomo99 06/16/2010 12:26 AM
okay so one day i made a normal recipe of buttercream icing and put it on the cake... you know like normal stuff.... but then later it began to separate on the cake board at the bottom of the cake ... i was wondering if this has ever happened to anyone before or maybe if you know what maybe happened???? :]

MissT 06/16/2010 9:28 AM
Are you using Crisco to make your buttercream? Crisco causes buttercream to separate and also when icing the cake, it will come up in globs. Kroger brand shortening is a great one for buttercream.
mmumsie 06/16/2010 10:34 AM
vampiremomo99 - What recipe did you use? When you say 'normal' recipe, that means a plethora of recipes to all the different decorators here. Did you use all butter, all shortening, a combination?

But, it sounds like you simply had too much liquid in your recipe. Was you cake sitting in a warm kitchen? Direct sunlight? Need just a little more information.

I prefer high ratio shortening for stability.
mochanme 06/16/2010 1:41 PM
Maybe your colors have dried out? I know that wilton sells glycerin to reconstitute icing colors. Maybe that would help for some of your older ones?
Barbara1212 06/16/2010 3:20 PM
I guess I am lucky as I have never experienced my buttercream to separate and I only use Crisco or half Crisco and half butter.
bunnywoman 06/16/2010 3:45 PM
Did you use a 50/50 blend of butter and shortening and exposed the cake to heat & humidity?

Sounds like the butter is melting.