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Topic: 1" high or less round cake on top of a rectangle I need to put support...
hunnybee 06/15/2010 7:33 AM
dowels and a board under the cake? I have done stacked cakes before but they have been 4" high and I know that they need to be supported when stacking. I am making a 1" high or less round cake (b/c I will have extra batter left over from the larger cake) to go on top of a 9x13 cake. The round cake will be shaped like a lily pad and I have made two 3-d frogs to put on top of the pad. So, do you think I need to support the small round (the lily pad) ontop of the 9x13 cake?

Thanks a bunch for your help!!
Chasey 06/15/2010 8:44 AM
Interesting timing with your post because I am facing the same situation when making a tank cake for this weekend. I was going to put my 6 inch round on top of my 9 x 13, but now I think I will cut the 9 x 13 in half and then stack the round on top. In my case, I think I should put the round on a cake circle with dowels in the two layers below.

I have always read on these cake boards that we should dowel and use cakeboards for every tier that equals 4 inches in height.

In your case, stacking a one or two inch layer on top of one or two inches makes me think you don't need it if following the above advice. Maybe if the lily pad ended up being a full tier (2 cake layers) then the weight of it would need supporting? Or if the bottom cake was thicker than one layer, would that make it want support? Gaah! I could drive myself crazy with "should I?" kind of questions.
sweetgrandma 06/15/2010 8:46 AM
No you don't need support for a one inch cake.
N8sMom96 06/15/2010 10:13 AM
I'm with Sweetgrandma on this. Stacking a single layer cake on top of another single layer cake is no difference than doing a party cake with 2 layers and a filling.
N8sMom96 06/15/2010 10:14 AM
Sorry, meant different. They really need to have an edit option.
hunnybee 06/15/2010 10:25 AM
The 9x13 cake will be double layer and the 1" or less cake will be a single layer (no filling).
cakedujour 06/15/2010 11:06 AM
You'll still be ok. That portion of the cake will be 3 layers high. You can put a board under it and serve it separately, but I think I'd just let it go. 1" isn't going to add much weight to the cake.
momascooking 06/15/2010 11:50 AM
I just did 2 small baby shower cakes tiered. I did put each layer on it's own board with straws underneath for serving purposes. I think it would not be a necessity but your preference.
momascooking 06/15/2010 11:52 AM
I might add that it was easier for me to smooth the different size layers separtely.