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Topic: What a difference high ratio shortening makes
inquiring mind 04/28/2010 11:04 AM
Hi everyone,
I've finally tried the high ratio shortening in my buttercream recipe, and WOW does it taste good. Nice and creamy and not too sweet, just right. Tonight is my last class of gumpaste and fondant, and then I have completed all the Wilton Courses. YEAH! Now it is perfecting what I've learned.

Have a great day!
N8sMom96 04/28/2010 11:34 AM
I love hi-ratio and will not use Crisco again. Post some pics of your final cake, I'm looking forward to seeing it.
ladycatisadiva 04/28/2010 1:01 PM
Yes, it does make a huge difference. Yes, make sure you post a pic or two or three...LOL!

Congrats on your last class, good luck and have fun.
megscakes 04/28/2010 1:20 PM
It does! I have never used Crisco b/c of price I could get the Publix brand for alot cheaper. I had to buy some some Crisco for my last cake I made, boy the icing tasted awful. I'll make sure I never run out of my regular brand again
cncook 04/28/2010 1:59 PM
what is high ration shortening? is there a certain name brand to look for?
mmumsie 04/28/2010 2:17 PM
High or hi ratio shortening is a bakery quality product that when used in icing, makes the icing easier to work with. The shortening is sturdier than standard shortenings and keeps the icing from not breaking down as quickly.

It is is more temperature stable and will hold air better upon whipping, improving volume and stability of icing.

I know of Sweetex, CK repackages Bake Sense brand.
kimber300 04/28/2010 2:28 PM
Can you buy high ratio shortening in the super market or do you have to get it online?
inquiring mind 04/28/2010 3:04 PM
I found it at a cake supply store here in Denver. I've not seen it on any shelves at the grocery stores. That is two things now that I have converted too, Duncan Hines cake mixes, and hi ratio shortening.

Ladycat, after tonight I'll be able to get out my book and start those experiments. I'll be sure to post my final class cake too.

Thanks, everyone for all your help, support, and encouragement!
dottiepark 04/28/2010 3:05 PM
I agree...what a HUGE improvement the stuff makes in icing! Funny, though...I had co-workers taste it and they all loved it and I told them about the shortening and they all blanched. If they only knew what was in EVERYTHING they ate!
PF_newbie 04/28/2010 3:29 PM
inquiring mind, What is it about Duncan Hines cake mix that you favor so much?
ConnieT 04/28/2010 4:04 PM
Wow Slice of heaven is in my State I will have to make a trip down there one of these days.
mmumsie 04/28/2010 4:50 PM
Too funny Connie T. I'm only a web store! Let me know when you are coming so I can make sure to have plenty on hand. It flies out of here on a regular basis. Where are you located?
furball 04/28/2010 9:05 PM
I want to buy some hi ratio shortening. Where can I get it here in Vegas? I would love to order some but was wondering about shipping it here in Vegas. It is going to get really hot here real soon!
mmumsie 04/28/2010 9:13 PM
Call around to the local bakeries. Perhaps they can sell you some or at least tell you where you can purchase it. Some specialty cake supply stores carries it as well.
granny49 04/29/2010 7:44 AM
How do you know that it is high ratio does it say on the box.I know a guy that put in a donut shop in my home town and it didn't go and he is closing and i bought some of his boxes from him and he had some shortening ask if i needed it i told him no but if it is high ratio i will try to buy it .Have never used anything but crisco.And does it have a shelf life because his shop went out in 2008.
inquiring mind 04/29/2010 9:18 AM
PF_Newbie: I started out with Betty Crocker, but it never rose to the level it should have. I live in Denver Colorado, the Mile High City, so I have high altitude issues. Duncan Hines works best for me in this altitude. Now that I have time to experiment, I will experiment with the other cake mixes like Pilsbury. Ladycat has already tried several experiments and she lists them in order of her preference. It is somewhere here on this forum, but I don't remember the topic it came under.

I also want to try working with scratch cakes and see how well these work for me. In all, the bottom line falls with whatever works best for you and you like the results. I have purchased several cake books with great recipes and ideas that I want to try. So far, the cake decorating has been mostly relaxing. I have had two stressful events, one when my dogs ate my final tierd cake for course 3 (and my pinky diamond ring) and I had to scramble to make another one before class which was schedule for 3:00 that day, and making a cake for a friends party, nothing seemed to go right.

There are several experts on this forum that could give you better explanations and advice than me, as I am still learning, but I think cake decorating is like life...You'll learn something new everyday, good or bad, it's what you do with the information that counts.

I do have an inquiring mind, so the information that I have gleaned from this site I will be experimenting and putting it to good use. Now I need to find out how to make figurines out of fondant and gumpaste. Is there a book out there I can learn from?
german_girl_with_curls 04/29/2010 11:55 AM
@ can get Publix cheaper than Crisco...really? Do you order it online? I have just been buying my Crisco from Sams Club, and I checked at my local bakery supplier, but their hi-ratio shortening was way too expensive! I could have bought their hi-ratio butter cream, already made, for almost the same price (but that stuff tastes like crap, as bad as the Wilton ready-to-use icing). I am going to check into this as I would love to make 'real' bakery icing.
N8sMom96 04/29/2010 11:59 AM
It is pricey, but so worth it IMHO. I just tack on the extra cost on my cake prices. For my family and free cakes, I was going to use the generic brand to save costs, but the results were just not same so I use the hi-ratio for all my cakes and just eat the cost on those. However, if you make cakes not as often or not able to afford the higher costs, then I would use the generic brand over crisco.
julesmarie 06/02/2011 9:48 PM
Inquiring mind--

Hi! I am a denver-ite as well--Can you tell me the name of the bakery supply shop you found hi-ratio shortening at?

whoknew? 06/02/2011 10:02 PM
inquiring mind--Congratulations on your last Wilton class. I will warn you now that you will probably go thru some serious withdrawal pains. I HATED it when my classes ended, boo hoo.....

I cracked up when I read that your dog ate your homework!! That is TOO funny.

I'm in California and had six months of cake decorating under my belt when they outlawed trans-fat high-ratio shortening on 1/1/11. I bought 10 lbs. of hi-ratio about 2 months before it was illegal and LOVED IT! difference between the new no-trans fat Crisco and hi-ratio is astounding. In December 2010 I ran down to my local cake supply store and bought a 50 lb. box. I fully intend to smuggle it across the border when I run out.