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Topic: Royal icing and candy molds
Cakedude61 04/20/2010 7:19 PM
Hi all! Did all 4 wilton courses and had/having a ball making cakes. Unfortunately, I think I tried to get too smart for my britches.

My son is graduating this June and my wife and I are going to do a grad cake and cupcakes. I figured to make my own cupcake decorations by using royal icing and candy molds (shaped like rolled up diplomas and mortar board hats). That was on Sunday. As of the writing of this question, they have not solidified, still very gooey.

Any idea if, first I shouldn't use royal icing with candy mold and/or second, how to get them to dry faster.

Thanks all!
BlackWidowNor 04/20/2010 8:26 PM
Sounds like the candy molds had some form of oil or grease on them. Royal Icing turns to a sticky gooey runny mess with any amount of oil present.
mmumsie 04/20/2010 8:41 PM
I've never used a candy mold for royal icing. Were these new molds? If not, the last time they were used for the chocolates, a residue could have been left behind in the plastic.

If you have some fondant handy, you could easily make diplomas. I seen Reese's PB cups used for the cap with a 50/50 blend top of the hat. Just another idea if this doesn't come together.
Cakedude61 04/22/2010 2:05 AM
Well, the molds were new. I thought I washed them well. Is royal icing really that sensitive to oil? Well it was a good idea at the time. lol.

Oh well, guess I'll have to trash the RI and use fondant. The main reason for using RI was the taste vs fondant.

Should I corn starch the molds before I press the fondant into them?
N8sMom96 04/22/2010 6:24 AM
What about using candymelts or chocolate and make toppers that way with the molds?
mmumsie 04/22/2010 12:57 PM
I would dust before using fondant. If my choice were to eat RI or fondant. I would choose the fondant. Candy coating wafers melted and mold is the simplest and easiest choice.
Cakedude61 04/23/2010 1:32 AM
OK, going with chocolate. lol. Will post pics when done (I hope).
Kesha314 04/23/2010 11:16 AM
just a thought...could u melt the chocolate and use the cookie cutter to form the shape of the diploma and hat by spreading the chocolate inside the mold??
jswilliston 04/24/2010 3:21 PM
I have not done it but I have read on the site where you can do it. I think you are suppose to put wax paper on a cookie sheet they put the cutter down. Fill it with the chocolate to the thickness you want which can be tricky. Then put it in the frig to let it set. I will look and see if I can find more information for you and post it if I do.
N8sMom96 04/24/2010 5:30 PM
I just melt chocolate in plastic disposable icing bags and then cut the tip. I just fill the molds and give a little tap.
Kesha314 04/26/2010 8:04 AM
so N8sMom96 you have tried that with the cookie cutters before?? jswilliston i would put the wax paper on top of something stable like plexiglass and tap it like i was doing a mold.