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Topic: Navy Blue Frosting
missy s 04/16/2010 4:19 PM
Does anyone know how to make navy blue frosting? If I add black to the royal blue, won't it turn dark gray?
coloradogirl 04/16/2010 4:31 PM
The Wilton color chart says to use royal blue and black. I would add just a tiny it of black a little at a time until you get the color you want.
missy s 04/16/2010 5:12 PM
Thanks Coloradogirl. I will try that!
mmumsie 04/16/2010 5:26 PM
Remember, bc icing will darken over time. So go easy and be patient.
missy s 04/16/2010 5:50 PM
Thank you mmumsie.
missy s 04/19/2010 10:45 AM
Just wanted to let you know that my navy blue icing turned out perfect. You were right!! Patience was all I needed. Thanks again mmumsie!!
onemsmom 02/25/2011 7:49 PM
How long does it take to darken and how much will it darken? I'm trying to make navy blue & right now, I've got a greyish confederate blue. Can't seem to get it darker.

Also, I'm out of royal now. I've got some sky blue. Should I add that, or wait until tomorrow to go to store to get more royal?

Thanks so much!

zinger60 02/25/2011 8:30 PM
I am also trying tonight to get a navy blue color. I bought a gel color that is called navy blue. I think it is by Americolor or some name like that. I added quite a lot to a small amount of frosting and still did not get the dark navy I wanted so I had to add just a touch of black. I am letting it sit overnight to see if it darkens. Hope it turns out good. The customer originally wanted the whole top of the cake to be that color but I'm glad I warned them that it might turn their lips blue. I took just a small taste of the frosting and my whole mouth was blue. This is a cake for a woman's boss at the office so I think everyone going around with a blue mouth would have been a disaster. I am now doing the cake with white buttercream and just doing the border in blue.