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Topic: why does my fondant keep cracking? and how do i make it shiny? steam? 03/15/2010 12:47 AM
i dont understand why it keeps cracking ive only used the wiltons prerolled so far, it dosent feel dry but as soon as i put it on a cake it cracks around the whole cake edge. i do have a couple questions ive heard to use water and vegetable oil to moisten it, which one do u think is better (or any other ideas) and i have also been told to use confectioner sugar, flour or cornstarch, which on do i use??? and finally how do i make fondant shiny or bring the color back when i am done with the cake? steam?
mmumsie 03/15/2010 8:16 AM
Okay, are you leaving your rolled fondant out before covering your cake? Cracking is caused by dry fondant or sometimes it tears on top due to the weight of the piece.

I prefer to use veg. shortening on my rolling mat instead of dusting. To try to bring cracks back together I use veg. shortening again.

You can rub a little shortening all over the fondant with a paper towel. Then wipe off any excess. It will absorb into the fondant making it look pretty again. I think steaming is just another way of getting the fondant to absorb cornstarch and look uniform. Good luck