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Topic: How long does a cake stay fresh???...
Mikel79 02/27/2010 3:38 PM
Hi all!

How long will a cake stay fresh that has been iced in Butter cream? I do not place my cakes in the fridge; I keep them in a cake cardboard box when completed.

I was thinking about baking Thursday night and filling (7:00 pm). Ice and decorate Friday night (7:00 pm). Party is Saturday at 4:00 pm

What do you think? I would love to start earlier, but I don't know if that will be to long for a cake to be left out and iced??

I have tried mannnnnnny time freezing cakes, but I have had noooooooo luck with it. Cakes were always wet when defrosted. Yes, I defrosted with and without the wrappings on. Same results....

cakes06 02/27/2010 4:39 PM
Your cake should be fine with that timeline
MARIE J 02/27/2010 4:57 PM
I agree - the timeframe should be good That's what I do
Mikel79 02/27/2010 5:03 PM
Would I be pushing it if I started on Wednesday...???
cakesrnuts 02/27/2010 5:08 PM
4 days is kind of pushing it for cake freshness. I wouldn't want to serve a 4 day old cake if I had the option. I'd stick with Thursday.
rhondascakes 02/27/2010 6:17 PM
I did a test one time (on my nephew's cake but don't tell my sister). I baked & decorated on Wednesday. The party was on Sunday, the cake was great, it tasted fresh. I don't know if I would do it again, I was a bit nervous.

But quite often I decorate on thursday for a saturday or sunday party.
hunnybee 02/27/2010 6:30 PM
I had to do a cake for someone and then they changed the date of p/u...the cake was made and iced for three days before they picked it up and it was perfect they said (& I got another request). I had it in the fridge too. I figured it would be fine b/c sometimes cake sits in the fridge for 3 days once its been cut b/c it doesn't get eaten up to fast.
cakesbychrystal 02/27/2010 9:52 PM
After a cake has been frozen, if you leave it to sit for 30-45 min. the moisture will dry up and the cake will be fine, but it will definitly be wet after u unwrap. Give it time to dry. I let mine sit on the cooling rack. I don't like to bake a cake more than 2 days in advance if I'm not going to freeze it. I don't want the cake to only be good for the day of the party. What if there are leftovers? I want the cake be to as fresh as possible for the customer so that if they want to eat on it for a day or two it is still fine.
MARIE J 02/28/2010 9:04 AM
Wednesday would be pusing it !! Not sure I would be comfortable doing that for someone else, even though I've had cake sitting around the house for upto a week before throwing it out !!!
MARIE J 02/28/2010 9:07 AM
oops - should read;- pushing it !! LOL
Mikel79 02/28/2010 12:20 PM
Thank you folks!

cakesbycrystal......I have left my cakes wrapped for 45 minutes, then take them out and let them "air" dry. After 4 HOURS, they are still super weeeeeeeeeet! I don't know why they do it. This is why I stopped freezing them.....Thank you for the input.....=)

cakesbychrystal 02/28/2010 2:50 PM
Wow! That's wet!!! Lol! That's too bad as freezing comes in handy when u have a ton of cakes to do. I love in s SUPER dry climate so maybe that helps.