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Topic: Do you prefer store-bought or homemade frosting?
pinksparkles 02/21/2010 8:09 PM
Which one do you all prefer? Store-bought or homemade frosting?

If you use store-bought frosting more, how many tubs of frosting do you need to frost a cake?

And if you prefer to make your own frosting....if you have any left over after frosting a cake, can you store it for later use?

Sorry for all of the questions, I'm just really curious!
czymom 02/21/2010 8:11 PM
I prefer to make my icing. The store bought icing will melt in your hand while piping. I have at times used a tub of icing for filling my cakes, but not to ice them.
Homemade icing can be frozen for a long time, or refrigerated for a couple of weeks.
N8sMom96 02/21/2010 9:00 PM
I love homemade icing. It's really simple to make and IMHO taste so much better. The store bought one has a chemical taste for me.
AshleyE1987 02/22/2010 12:08 AM
I make my own icing and I love it! I tried to use the store bought kind be it's just not the same. And wa
whatever I have leftover I put it in the freezer but sometimes when I go back to use it it's gone cuz my mother in law and father in law tend to throw it out. And that just really gets me mad! But if your looking for a way to go on the whole icing thing. Make it! It's easier and u get more than you would in the store bought little tub!!!

baura_l 02/22/2010 12:11 AM
I agree home made is much better in many ways but wilton and many other manufacturers have ready to use DECORATOR icing and its not too badly priced if you want to save time.
bunnywoman 02/22/2010 2:19 AM
I prefer to make my own. I like the taste and texture so much better than store bought.
CollectorEJ 02/22/2010 6:10 AM
The only time that I use purchased frosting is when I need black to make outlines. It is so much easier to turn chocolate into black. Otherwise I make my own frosting -- members of my family don't care for the purchased frosting.
Chasey 02/22/2010 8:04 AM
I used to be a purchaser of canned frosting for the longest time! I prefer DH, but now I have to agree that it tastes like a hint of chemicals to me. Blech. I like the taste of the flavoring, but there is an aftertaste that I don't like now.

I make my own with butter, powdered sugar, milk and either cocoa and vanilla or french vanilla coffee syrup. Much tastier!!!

Canned frosting is really hard to pipe any decorations with, but it works great between the layers or for a plain iced cake all over.
Chasey 02/22/2010 8:05 AM
Whoops, forgot to answer your question about how many tubs. For me, I would use about one and 1/2 at the most and that's not piping anything with it. I don't like a ton of frosting and I didn't care for the whipped variety. That was for the homestyle kind. You can make one tub stretch on a 9 in cake, but it's pretty thin between the two layers with one can.
sweetgrandma 02/22/2010 8:07 AM
I make my own's easy and so much least I think so. I don't mind eating the bought frosting that other people put on cupcakes and cakes though. I just like mine better.
alyababe 02/22/2010 9:15 AM
I use purchased icing, mostly because I do a lot of fondant work instead of piping and I found that it was a lot of work to make my own and was left with way too much that I never used up. I often only make one cake a month, so to make my own and have it sit for ever doesn't make much sense to me...especially when all I need it for is a crumb coat. For a light crumb coat one tub will work, 1.5 (average) for a thicker layer of icing.
That being said...if you are going to be using a lot of icing making it is the way to go...buying does get expensive and yes, it does taste different.
bunnywoman 02/22/2010 3:36 PM
Just an can successfully freeze buttercream icing in a Ziploc baggy with all of the air squished out.

When you need it again....
Thaw it on the countertop. Snip the end of the baggy and squeeze it into a bowl. Re-whip it. May need to add a drop or two of flavoring to revive it back to life. (That is only if you freeze for an extended period of time.)
MARIE J 02/22/2010 5:12 PM
For me - homemade - every time !!
mmumsie 02/22/2010 5:32 PM
I make my own. Like controlling the ingredients, consistency and flavor. I vacuum seal my leftovers and freeze.
*staceycakes* 02/23/2010 9:23 AM
I always make my own frosting. After eating so much of it, I usually pass on cake that has came from a store or was made with tub frosting. It just doesn't taste right. :-)
furball 02/23/2010 9:05 PM
I like bunnywoman's recipe for icing. It tastes so good!