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Topic: Can I freeze cake batter?
Mrs Moonpie 12/12/2009 2:35 PM
I am making the Wilton 3-D car cake and it calls for 6 1/2 cups of batter. I'm using a box mix (which I always do). The box mixes only make about 4 to 5 cups. So I whipped up two boxes, filled my pan with 6 1/2 cups, and baked it. But now I have left over cake batter. I know I can just bake it in a 8inch or something and freeze that, but I've had 5 cake orders for the last three days and I am DONE with baking for right now! Can I freeze the batter and bake it later?

Thanks for any input!
Mrs MoonPie
mmumsie 12/12/2009 3:26 PM
Sorry, cake batter doesn't freeze. You'll have to either toss it or make some cupcakes!
Mrs Moonpie 12/12/2009 3:32 PM
bunnywoman 12/12/2009 3:44 PM should bake it up into whatever pan you decide or cupcakes and then freeze the baked product. Cake batter is designed to be mixed and then baked immediately. Do not wait till the next day to bake.
cakedujour 12/12/2009 10:08 PM
Once the dry ingredients are mixed with the wet ones you are committed. The chemical process of rising has begun. It gets a second boost from the heat of the oven. These are the 2 processes referred to as "double acting" on the baking powder label.
karen 12/13/2009 7:52 PM
This has been posted and addressed numerous times on this website. No, you cannot freeze cake batter.
You can't even refrigerate it. It has to be used immediately.
Sugar Pie 12/14/2009 6:44 AM
Has anybody ever 'tried' to freeze cake batter to see how it actually reacts? Bakeries receive some items that are frozen in batter form such as muffins. They arrive frozen, in plastic muffin tins, and ready to be popped into the oven upon taking them out of the freezer.
I do refridgerate cake batter, and it works fine for me. I will say that I've never kept it in the refridgerator any longer than it takes a cake to bake though. I just put the leftover batter in a bowl, cover it with plastic wrap and stick it in the fridg while I'm waiting for space in the oven.
I've also heard that you can add a little baking powder to the refridgerated batter, but I've never had to do this.
I think I might freeze a little batter and see what happens.......
karen 12/14/2009 9:23 AM
I would contact the manufacturer direct if you still feel that you aren't getting the answer you are looking for. But, like I said, it has been posted here that you cannot freeze or refrigerate batter. That reply came from Jeanne (oh, we miss you) who contacted the cake mix manufacturers direct and posted their reply here.
ladycatisadiva 12/14/2009 9:52 AM
Mrs. Moonpie,

Okay, I know most of the others won't agree with me, but yes, I have refrigerated cake batter. I have taken it out the next day sometimes a couple days later, brought it to room temperature, stirred it gently, put it in my cupcake liners or cake pan and baked it.

Yes, it came out just fine. The cupcakes/cake may not rise as high as before putting it in the fridge, but it does work. I think it works better for cupcakes, than a cake, but it did work.

I say experiment with it. Try it for yourself. I have not frozen any, but I will try that too just to see if it will work.

I say try to freeze it or just some of it. Take it out a week or two later, bring it to room temp and see what happens. That's the only way to know for sure.

Good Luck!