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Topic: Does cake with fluffy white frosting need refrigeration?
myersark 10/19/2009 7:51 AM

I made a cake last night and frosted it with 'fluffy white frosting' (kind made with egg whites, cream of tartar, etc.) Being that it has egg whites, does it need to be kept refrigerated?


Jeanne G 10/19/2009 8:06 AM
No, it doesn't need refrigeration, but that frosting is recommended for eating the day it is made. It doesn't hold up well. I hope you'll be serving it today.

When I make that frosting now I use meringue powder, to avoid any possibility of undercooked eggs. (That doesn't help it hold up any better, though. It is still a 24-hour frosting.)

Here is a very helpful chart about frosting types:

myersark 10/19/2009 8:27 AM
Thanks, Jeanne!

It's for us, and we started on it last night. Knowing my husband and son, it will be gone by tonight.

You don't cook the eggs with this recipe. You 'bubble' the water/sugar/cream of tartar, then pour that into the beaten eggs whites/vanilla and continue to beat until fluffy. I don't know if the water mixture cooks the egg whites, but since it is pretty hot, it probably does. Never really thought about it. I just know that's always been my favorite frosting. It reminds me of marshmallow cream.
myersark 10/19/2009 8:38 AM
Thanks for the chart info, too! I didn't realize there is one on this site. I made a copy for future reference. =)
Jeanne G 10/19/2009 8:38 AM
Yes, I'm familiar with making that frosting that way, from raw eggs. I've seen conflicting reports on whether that method brings the eggs up to a "safe" temperature and holds them there long enough. I've read alternate ways of ensuring that happens. If I were going to continue to do this from raw eggs I'd use pasteurized eggs. But meringue powder is just so much easier all the way around I've gone that route.

I think the risk of illness from raw eggs is very small, and perhaps getting smaller with regulations that went into effect this year. But after reading pennyjoshua's account of her hideous encounter with that illness I think I still prefer to eliminate any risk that is within my control.