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Topic: How much icing for cupcakes?
KTB 10/14/2009 3:02 PM
I've searched on here but haven't found what I'm looking for (cue U2 music here ) anyway ...

I'm trying to price cupcakes and have figured out how much batter I need but am unsure about icing. Does anyone have any ball park amounts for minis, regular and jumbos? I'm trying to save myself time (and pounds) by not having to make up batches of each to measure

Jeanne G 10/14/2009 3:29 PM
The Pricing Matrix default says that 24 standard cupcakes take 3 cups of frosting. That is 2 Tablespoons each. Personally, I think it takes about double that if you are swirling it on with tip 1M.

The Matrix shows 2 cups of frosting for 24 minis.

I don't think that jumbo would take much more than standard, would it? Isn't most of the extra cake in the height, not the area of the surface to be frosted?

I think the answer to this is going to vary considerably depending on how you apply the frosting.
KTB 10/14/2009 3:59 PM
Thanks Jeanne. I think you're right about the amount difference between the jumbo and regular. Mini's well, they're mini so I can't honestly imagine they take very much, probably only 1 Tbsp if I did the 1M swirl.

This gives me a general ballpark anyway to work with.
sweetgrandma 10/14/2009 5:28 PM
I was just amazed at how much icing it takes for the 1M swirl. I kept filling the bag and kept filling the bag.
N8sMom96 10/14/2009 8:39 PM
My single batch of BC yields about 5 cups. I use practically all of it doing the 1M swirl for 24 cupcakes. I was amazed too Sweetgrandma.
emmer_d 01/23/2012 2:32 PM many cupcakes did you have to make? And do you remember how many batches of bc it took?

I always use BW's mock shack and need enough to ice 300 cupcakes using the 1M tip.

Spooky_789 01/23/2012 3:10 PM
Emily, the best way to figure out how much BC you'll need for your cupcakes is to decorate one cupcake the way you normally would with your 1M swirl (or whatever tip you plan to use). Then scrape it off into a measuring cup to see how much you piped on. Then divide that amount into one cup and that will tell you how many cupcakes you can ice with one cup of icing. If your batch of BC makes 5 cups of icing, then you take 5 times the # of cakes you got from one cup.

For example:

1M swirl = 1/4 cup. So 4 cuppies per 1 cup of BC. If I'm going to ice 300 cupcakes, then I'd need 75 cups of BC.

My 1M swirl may be taller than yours, so that's why it is important to decorate one the way you normally would then measure how much BC you used. You may quickly decide that a smaller swirl will work just as fine as a great big tall swirl.
whoknew? 01/23/2012 6:45 PM
emmer-d~~Here's a link to a thread from last year that has the best information I've seen so far regarding how much frosting for 400 cupcakes using a 1M swirl:

"Icing amount for 400 cupcakes???"

(Also, this thread has a start date of 2009, but the info is still good. Between the 2 threads you should have all the info you'll need.)
emmer_d 01/24/2012 11:28 AM
Great advice, Spooky!!!

And whoknew - thanks for the link!!!