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om1767 09/03/2009 5:20 PM

I just finished mixing Royal Icing and the instructions say to store in airtight container,
but it doesn't say wether to put in fridge or not. I need it to ice cookies tomorrow night for a party on
Saturday afternoon. Please help!

Thanks in advance.
bunnywoman 09/03/2009 7:14 PM
Never refrigerate royal!!!!
N8sMom96 09/03/2009 7:18 PM
I also put a layer of plastic wrap on my RI press it down until it touches the icing (like you would do to a pudding to prevent a skin from forming) and then put the lid on my container. That is what my WMI told us to do.
bunnywoman 09/03/2009 7:33 PM
Yes.......your instructor is correct. But I also place a damp paper towel on top of the saran wrap and then the lid. This will help retain a bit of moisture so that the royal doesn't harden up like a rock. It then can be used again.
ksrank 09/04/2009 8:04 AM
I have both refrigerated and put leftover royal in the freezer, then taken it out, brought it down to room temperature, and rewhipped it with no problems. I have also left it out on the counter for a week and rewhipped it, again no problem. Royal icing is pretty user-friendly. The recipe we were given for royal icing at the master class was for a double recipe and included more meringue powder than that in the regular class books, so I usually have leftovers when I make it. I had wrist surgery and can't work a double batch in one day, so I had to try different storage methods and found just about anything worked well with royal.