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Topic: Meringue Powder
littleesq 08/31/2009 6:06 PM
Does anyone know if Wilton's Meringue Powder expires at all? I have some from a long time ago that has been in my pantry, but I think it's been about two years or so since I've used it, and it's at least that old if not more. I can certainly go out and buy more, but there is a lot in the can and I'd hate to waste it if it's still good to use.


Jeanne G 08/31/2009 6:15 PM
Don't you wish that every food item was clearly labeled, "for best quality use by xxx" or "for safety discard after xxxx" or "lasts indefinitely if stored properly" or even just "packaged on xxx"?

I really don't understand why food companies don't just provide this clear and open information!

Sigh. But in many cases they don't. I know that meringue powder and dired eggs whites last a very long time. I suggest you contact Wilton directly at and ask them if there is a code to read on those cans and how long from the coded date the product generally lasts.

Then share what you learn with the rest of us!
sweetgrandma 08/31/2009 9:17 PM
I've kept it several years and it was still fine. I hope it doesn't expire because I just bought a big can of it that will last me several more years. I'm interested in hearing from Wilton about that too.
mmumsie 08/31/2009 10:35 PM
I do know that Wilton's Meringue powder their eggs are pasteurized. It should be good.
pennyjoshua 09/01/2009 2:36 AM
I know in the EU they have brought in lots of regulations about BB & Use by dates. All Wilton products I buy through the UK has Best Before dates stuck on to them. I'm not quite sure who decides what date that should be as Wilton
don't use these dates and it is the UK importer who applies these dates. For instance cans of colour mist spray & sugar sprinkles I bought last month have a date of 13 Dec 2011. Colour pastes all have a date of Feb 2011 but I would have thought they would be good much longer than that. Meringue powder I buy direct so it doesn't have a date. Penny
sweetgrandma 09/01/2009 8:26 AM're sounds like they're a little overcautious on the color pastes. I have some that are over a decade old and I still use them with no problem. When you often only use the tip of a toothpick's worth of the color and you don't do all that many cakes....some of the colors last a long time.

I don't know what could go bad with sugar sprinkles either.

Makes you wonder how they come up with these dates since the US is pretty particular about that kind of thing and they don't have dates on them. It makes me think they're safe. Hope so anyway!
MARIE J 09/01/2009 8:37 AM
hahaha - sweetgrandma - you're funny !!!

I agree with you though, I've had some pastes for a 'few' years as well, they're a little dried, but they work just fine
littleesq 09/01/2009 12:33 PM
Hey -- just wanted you to know the response I got from Customer Service:

"There will be 7 digits stamped on the container and her is how to decode the numbers:

The first digit: Year it was made

Next three digits: Day of the year it was made (based on the Julian Calendar)

Last three digits: Batch number

It is freshest if it is used within 24 months of the production date."

So I guess it may not be the "freshest" but it sounds like it may still be safe, don't you think? I'll check the can and I think if it's a whole lot later than 24 months I'll buy a new one.


love_to_crochet 09/01/2009 1:20 PM
How can just ONE digit be the year it was made? If the digit is 7 does that mean it was made in 2007 or 1997 or 1970?
momascooking 09/01/2009 2:28 PM
My rule here is "If in doubt, throw it out." I read that some powdered products have mold spores that you can't see.
cakesbychrystal 05/12/2011 1:27 PM
I have some MP that I haven't used since summer 2009...should I just chuck it? It's basically a full can cause I only used it for one royal icing flowers class (I haven't made royal icing since!)...buying more is no big deal, but I just hate throwing stuff out! lol
cakesbychrystal 05/12/2011 10:12 PM