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Topic: Simple buttercream hydrangea instructions
Jeanne G 08/16/2009 10:31 PM
In response to requests, here is an idea for making hydrangea flowers from an old Wilton Yearbook, and also a basket of hydrangeas I made using the instructions.

The instructions suggest using the mini balloon pan -- the mini Easter egg pan would work well, too. Or do the little drop flowers on a big elongated mound of frosting.

(Click on the maximize button to see the instructions more clearly.)
stickis85 08/17/2009 5:38 AM
what year book is it in jeanne G?
Jeanne G 08/17/2009 7:04 AM
stickis85 08/17/2009 9:46 AM
oh guess that would be hard to find lol
Jeanne G 08/17/2009 10:29 AM
What is it you needed from there?
lovegrace 08/17/2009 11:13 AM
Thanks Jeanne!! I LOVE hydrangeas!
jaybucklestarr 08/17/2009 11:19 AM
I am going to have to try these, for they are my favorite flower. What color did you use?
Jeanne G 08/17/2009 11:30 AM
I think I used Royal Blue.
jaybucklestarr 08/17/2009 11:32 AM
Thank you!
angelswings198 08/17/2009 11:54 AM
Oh Wow! THank you for sharing jeanne...these are my favorite flowers and they look wonderful! Great job and thanks for the info! :-)
N8sMom96 08/17/2009 12:14 PM
Thank you Jeanne - these are beautiful. I would try royal blue with a little violet. It makes a really pretty color for flowers like these.