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Topic: what is a 2 layer cake mix
kim_catt 08/13/2009 5:32 AM
this may be a odd question, But i am going to ask it anyway.

A lot the wilton pans say, use one 2 layer cake mix. I have been told that all cake mixes are 2 layer cake mixes. I find that the no name and a few other brands, don't fill/bake the way they should to show the pans they way they should.

so my question to you is what mixes, do you recommend and/or what is the batter measurements they are talking about when saying (batter for a 2 layer cakes mix)?
sweetgrandma 08/13/2009 6:54 AM
I use Duncan Hines almost exclusively and they really are two layer. not sure about the others.
riverchild 08/13/2009 6:58 AM
Any cake mix, Duncan Hines, Betty Crocker and Pillsbury, are 2-layer cake mixes. They yield 4 1/2 to 5 cups of batter....I use Betty Crocker only and it works in the character pans. If you are using other wilton pans use the guide that say how much batter goes in the pan.
kim_catt 08/13/2009 7:19 AM
thank you so much for clarify that.
kykate 08/13/2009 10:40 AM
Years ago, there were one layer cake mixes. The only 1 layer mix that I have seen in stores now is Jiffy Cake Mix. Once cake mixes become popular, most of them were 2 layer mixes.