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Topic: gum paste vs. modeling chocolate
thebakingbuddy 08/10/2009 8:08 AM
I just started making larger molded items (currently working on a high heel shoe) I tried fondant with some gum text added and over night it just never got hard. Is there any reason not to use modeling chocolate? I really like using it since it can harden quick, if needed, in the fridge. I have to say I still have never used gum paste. Does that just dry harder than fondant? I have avioded it only because I was trying to make all of the items on my cakes taste good and have heard gum paste does not..
lovegrace 08/10/2009 8:59 AM
Gum-Tex is actually supposed to be used in gumpaste, not fondant. It makes the gumpaste easy to work with - same as doing 50/50 fondant gumpaste mix. Like adding Tylose to fondant makes it dry harder.

You're right, gumpaste does not taste good. But it dries much harder than fondant. That's why I use the 50/50 mix - I get the workability of fondant and the hardness of gumpaste.

I've never used modeling chocolate, but if you like it, go for it!
lovegrace 08/10/2009 9:06 AM
Ok clarifying - gum-tex is an ingredient in gumpaste. It can be used in fondant and is *supposed* to make it dry harder, but if you want quick drying, I'd go with gumpaste or modeling chocolate.
cake-ers-man 08/10/2009 9:42 AM
I made a ladies shoe out of gumpaste only on Saturday....this is Monday it is starting to harden better now but it was still really wet yesterday but it is very humit here Saturday, yesterday and today. Did you give your piece time to dry. I think the weather is just playing tricks on us.
thebakingbuddy 08/10/2009 11:12 AM
yes I was thinking the same with the weather..I made some gum paste this morning and will give that a shot as well. Actualy did not find it to taste all that bad. I thiought it would be like the premade fondant, that I just dont like the taste of at all. I think the chocolate so far may be it but I have not tried the gum paste. The fondant is drying but the heel tends to bend over a bit so it is not all that firm...thanks all!
thebakingbuddy 08/10/2009 3:46 PM
tried the gum paste. Definately see a difference in drying time however it seeed to dry and get a bit cracked...maybe I should have added some shortening to it?
lovegrace 08/10/2009 3:52 PM
I use shortening to work with gumpaste and fondant. Did you use cornstarch? I've found that cornstarch makes it dry out too quickly to work with and I get cracks too.
thebakingbuddy 08/10/2009 4:19 PM
it was the first time i made it (from the powder) and I followed the diections and used confectionary suqar. Will keep trouble shooting
mmumsie 08/10/2009 5:00 PM
When making the Ladies High Heel shoe, use a good quality gum paste. I really wouldn't recommend a 50/50 blend. I tried making one myself with a cheaper brand of ready made G.P. and it had a hard time drying and setting up. Recently SASI clubbers made a bunch of the heels. Really fun!

For the best results, use straight gum paste!
thebakingbuddy 08/11/2009 8:22 PM
great thanks so much..yeah for some reason even when I retried with the gum paste it seemed to get crackly...I am going to try one last time with modeling chocolate. That sets up so quick if you throw it in the fridge. I also could not make a good mold to stand it all on so I went ahead and bought the high heel shoe cutter set. Looks so neat so I will give that a try...
desserts 08/12/2009 10:29 AM
Sorry for the questions but I am just learning what some of this stuff is that all of you great decorators are talking about. What is modeling chocolate and how do you make it?
thebakingbuddy 08/12/2009 12:39 PM
modeling chocolate is something you can also use to create figures. It is candy melts and corn syrup. You can search on the internet for the recipe and amounts etc. I just like it because it is the consistancy of all other mediums but you can throw it in the fridge to harden quickly if needed...I am just trying all these things as well. thanks
desserts 08/14/2009 6:52 AM