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Topic: how long can buttercream icing stay out of frig
kimodell 08/05/2009 10:28 AM
I am making a cake with the Wiltom buttercream frosting recipe but I also have a fondant covered cake board so am concerned about putting it in the frig overnight. Can the cake be left out from evening until the following evening safely?
ladycatisadiva 08/05/2009 10:29 AM
Yes, as long as you don't have any perishable filling(s) in the cake.
bunnywoman 08/05/2009 10:33 AM
Jeanne G 08/05/2009 10:33 AM
Buttercream can sit out on (or in) a cake for several days -- about as long as the cake stays fresh.

(I am talking about uncooked American buttercream, aka decorator's buttercream. I am not referring to Italian or Swiss buttercream. The American buttercream may be made with butter or only shortening, with water or milk or cream, etc. Frosting made with cream cheese should be considered perishable.)

For maximum freshness I store my unused buttercream in the fridge. Any I won't use within a couple of weeks I freeze.

Unless your cake has a perishable filling (pudding, cream cheese, custard, mousse, fresh fruit, some pie fillings, etc.) it does not require refrigeration.
bunnywoman 08/05/2009 10:41 AM
Make sure you keep it out of direct heat and sunlight too.
kimodell 08/05/2009 10:49 AM
Thanks for the info everyone, now I will settle down a bit and not be nervous!