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Topic: How long in advance should I make fondant figures?
Salisvis 05/19/2009 2:27 PM
Hi Everyone: Love the beautiful cakes I've seen in this forum!!! I'm a newbie to the site and to fondant.........My daughter wants me to make her a cake that has fondant figures from the 2007 Yearbook, the one where there are kids on tubes like a waterpark for a total of 3 "pool" cakes........
I have never worked with fondant and barely took Course 1 and 2 and since her party is in 2 weeks I figure I have time to practice but I started to panick....... how long in advance do I need to make this figures for the actual cake? How long do they need to dry? any other advice that you think I might need? thank you all very much!

MARIE J 05/19/2009 3:09 PM
Are you working form the yearbook - it should give you an idea how far in advance you need ot make the figures. The further out you make them, the harder they will be.
peg 05/19/2009 5:14 PM
I would start practicing and if you get ones you like keep them, they will be fine, if made now. You do need to give yourself a couple of days ahead at least
Salisvis 05/19/2009 9:25 PM
Thank you so much for your help. It'll be fun making those figures, they don't look very hard but I have never tried............