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Topic: Can you make fondant taste good
luzmariasida 04/30/2009 7:55 PM
Is there any ingredients that you can mix to the fondant to taste good?
mmumsie 04/30/2009 8:12 PM
Well here I go again....there are many threads regarding how to make your fondant taste better.

The fondant is supposed to be a mild vanilla flavor, so you CAN flavor it to go with your cake. I like to knead in some flavorful buttercream icing to give it a good flavor. I just add a dollop amount per layer. I also have noticed that if your buttercream icing underneath the fondant is FLAVORFUL as well, it will absorb some more flavor from the icing as it sits on the cake as well.

Another option is to blend in some Lorann flavors too. I just prefer the BC method to the liquid, but both will work.
If you think about it, the makers of premade fondant wouldn't what to have exotic for every type and flavor of cake. Cake and icing flavors can get very creative. This way, they make it one flavor so YOU CAN ENHANCE IT and make it compliment your cake!

Hope this helped!
Jeanne G 04/30/2009 8:56 PM
Even if you get it tasting good, you still have to chew it!

I'm just not used to chewing my cake topping, and it is texture/mouth feel of fondant that puts me off more than the flavor.

(Funny, I like fondant candy.)
baqtrvl 05/01/2009 12:30 AM
Make the marshmellow fondant, it is easy to do and tastes pretty good.
mmumsie 05/01/2009 11:41 AM
Apply a thin layer of fondant to the cake. Most decorators roll it out too thick. Fondant doesn't bother me if it's thin enough and has a good flavor. You have to chew cake anyway.
bunnywoman 05/01/2009 9:44 PM
I use Lorann flavorings to my MMF. I make the flavor compliment the cake flavor.