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Topic: Freezing a Cake
Morecakeplease 03/30/2009 9:59 AM
I know that you can freeze a cake until you are ready to ice it, but I have a few questions about this process:

1). Can you freeze it right out of the oven? Or do you still have to cool it first?
2). Do I wrap the cake in something to prevent it from getting freezer burn and sweating?
3). Will freezer the cake dry it out and take the moister out of the cake?
4). Does the cake have to thaw out before I can ice it?
5). How long can you freeze a cake?
mmumsie 03/30/2009 11:13 AM
1) The cake must cool thoroughly to room temperature.

2) Freezer burn is caused by air around the cake you are freezing and the moisture trapped within. The cake must be protected from freezer condensation by using a moisture-proof wrapping. I generally cover my cakes with a flour sack towel, but I don't freeze for more than a week. But, some other suggested wrappings are:
* greaseproof paper thoroughly covering the cake and taped
* aluminum foil, or aluminum foil and plastic wrap/greaseproof paper underneath it
* plastic self-sealing bag
* placement of wrapped cake into a metallic tin if desired (protects the cakes from being knocked by other items, makes it very easy to find and provides added protection from moisture and freezer odors, such as seafood)

3) While freezing initially retains the moisture of a baked cake, cakes will tend to dry out after two months of freezing and you can expect the flavor to change at around four months. A good guide to follow is:
* Freeze uniced/undecorated cakes for up to three months
* Freeze iced cakes for up to two months

4) THAW BEFORE DECORATING: For an uniced cake: leave it on a wire rack in a clean part of the kitchen. Do not microwave or oven heat a frozen cake or you will ruin it. It will take about two hours for a large cake to thaw under normal room temperature conditions.

5) Was answered in #3.
cakes06 03/30/2009 11:33 AM
I let my cakes cool only for about 15min, trim them on the top if needed, then lay two pieces of wax paper on and a cardboard and flip them over. Then they get double wrapped in plastic wrap and go right into the freezer. Two days before the event, they come out, get filled and crumb coated while still frozen and loosely wrapped in plastic and placed in the refrigerator overnite to thaw gradually. Day before the event, frost and decorate. This method works well for me and I always have great comments on how moist my cakes are. I usually start baking 1-2 weeks in advance.