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Topic: How do I make a light beige icing color?
lupydeb 01/18/2009 8:30 PM
I need a light beige icing color for a guitar cake and a not so dark brown. Does anyone know what colors I need to use?
cakes06 01/19/2009 10:46 AM
For light beige, just use colored vanilla instead of the clear and for a not so dark brown, color some of the beige with a dab of brown food coloring or use chocolate icing and add white to lighten it up.
Renescakes 01/19/2009 10:47 AM
Wilton's sells an "Ivory" gell paste is that what you are looking for?
Dawned on Me 02/23/2010 6:51 PM
Adding a small amount of cocoa will tint your icing as well
CollectorEJ 02/23/2010 8:03 PM
When I need a light brown color I use peanut butter. If I need it a little darker I use chocolate. I play around with color all the time. If I use the peanut butter I always make sure that people know.