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Topic: 16 Inch Round Cake
Berrie333 10/27/2008 9:02 PM
I need some help!

I am making my husband a Pizza Cake for his birthday and I have purchased a 16 inch round cake pan to make it in. I am just wondering how much cake batter I need. I read on the website "15 cups" but I have no idea how that amounts to boxed cake mix.

Does anyone know? I am using Duncan Hines....

Thanks Bunches!!
Berrie333 10/27/2008 10:01 PM
I am also going to be flavoring it with almond extract... how much should I use?
Jeanne G 10/28/2008 8:15 AM
Most cake mixes make about 4.5 cups of batter. For your purposes I think 3 mixes should work.

For that size pan it is best to use even-baking strips around the outside and a heat conductor such as a flower nail in the center.

A teaspoon of almond extract per mix is about right.

Good luck ... and post your pizza picture!
cakes06 10/28/2008 8:18 AM
You will need 4 box mixes for a 16" round. I don't use DH cake mixes but usually Pillsbury but you will still need that many. Bake a 325 instead of 350 and it will take approx. 1 hour. If you're using pure almond extract, I wouldn't use more than a tsp. or so. If it's imitation almond, it's not quite as strong so maybe 2 tsp.
Berrie333 10/28/2008 3:44 PM
Thank you!!! = )