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Topic: Question about kitchenaid mixer... for icing...
Mimmy96 06/12/2008 8:45 AM
I bought a kitchenaid stand mixer from a friend and it has no manual.. I have never used one of these and I am wondering.. for making icing do I use the wire wisk, or the flat beater???.. The icing i am making is very thick.. it's the wilton class icing... I bought this mixer because the icing was so thick the first time I made it, it burnt up my other mixer.... Thanks in advance for your help!!
Mimmy96 06/12/2008 3:35 PM
Also since burning up my first mixer, I sure don't want to burn up this expensive one.. I was wondering instead of making a double batch (which I have to have for class) should I just make 1 at a time since it is so thick.. or will my new mixer do double batch just fine.. it's the kitchen aid artisan... thanks again!!
disasters2cakes 06/12/2008 3:35 PM
you can use the paddle or the whip in all technicality..but i'm sure most of us you the whip, it makes the icing nice and light and fluffy, imo. i want a hobart! my kitchenaid is about to kick out, i'm sure of it.
Vonzella 06/12/2008 3:35 PM

You use the paddle attachment. The wire whisk is for meringues or whipping cream.
Jeanne G 06/12/2008 3:43 PM
You can download a manual from

Use the flat beaters for buttercream frosting. The wire whip is for introducig a lot of air. It is great for meringue, whipped cream, and the final touch to mashed potatoes, but not good for smooth buttercream.

Enjoy your new toy, er... tool.