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Topic: Lego Cake
JSKakes 05/28/2008 8:15 AM
I am planning to do a birthday cake that looks like it has been done in Legos. I've done a search on google and haven't really seen anything that I am impressed with. So I went on the Lego website and saw that they have Lego icecube trays. So what I am thinking about doing is this. Use the icetray molds as templates for the fondant with different colors.

My question is this: do I need to wait to make the Lego molds after I have the cake iced, or could I make the Lego molds ahead of time and keep them in a ziploc bag? Also, if I could make the Lego molds ahead of time, could I place the Lego molds together to form the side and glue them together with water or vanilla, and then cover them up with plastic until I place it on the cake?

After I have the cake covered with the fondant Lego molds, I plan to put Lego Star Wars figures on top of the cake, knock out two themes at the same time. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you
CupcakeCo 05/28/2008 4:42 PM
Definitely have the legos made ahead of time-- if you can help it, about a week or so. If for no other reason, doing so will cut down on your stress when crunch-time comes!

Also, If you're not concerned about the edibil-ity of the legos, you might consider molding them out of gum paste, which is generally not edible but dries much more solid and harder than fondant. Wilton makes a ready-made gum paste that can be easily tinted, and would work perfectly.

I'm actually now in the process of building a casino-themed cake and I molded little dice out of gum paste; I bring this up because the shape and thickness of the dice is similar to what you'll get from molding out of a tray. They took about 3 days to harden sufficiently. Additionally, whether you choose to work with gum paste or fondant, It's better that you store them uncovered (but in a safe place--perhaps in a cabinet rarely used or on top of the fridge) to allow them to dry properly. If stored in a ziploc, they're technically air-tight and won't dry.

Happy building, er, baking!
Ballymena 05/28/2008 4:56 PM
Go to and then click on galleries at the top, next click on search and type in lego cake and you will find lots of ideas.