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Topic: How much to charge for cupcakes?
purdypie 05/15/2008 9:01 AM

I used the red velvet recipe on this site to make cupcakes. I used the "It's a Slice" theme (watermelon) to decorate them. They were a big hit with all my coworkers and someone asked me how much I would charge to make 100 of them for a summer pool party. Any suggestions as to pricing? How about delivery charges? I live in Atlanta... not sure if that matters. Also, if I decide to do this, how in the world would I transport 100 cupcakes without them getting stuck together & damaged? New to all this...

cakes06 05/15/2008 4:13 PM
The last time I had to do cupcakes, I put them in half sheet bakery boxes with a half sheet cardboard in the bottom of each one for stability and put the cupcakes in them unfrosted. Then I piped the frosting right out of the bag using a large shell tip. That way, I didn't have to handle and frost each cupcake separately. As far as pricing, I'm not sure in your area. You might check around some grocery store bakeries and see what they charge for a guideline. I'm not sure what your watermelon deco is, but you need to consider that too in your pricing.
CravinCakes! 05/15/2008 4:13 PM
I usually charge .60 cents per cupcake. But it all depends on the products you put in and what you think your time is worth. Sometimes its good to add up all the products used and multiply by 25% and you get your price to charge. At some local cake shops they sell dividers to place each cupcake in. I just had to make 600 cupcakes for an event and i used a large sheet cake box and cake board and placed them all in the box and traveled carefully, and none of the cupcakes eneded up smashed together!! Hopefully this helps.
mommyjamie 05/16/2008 7:39 AM
In NJ I charge 1.00 each. That is for a basic cupcake, frosting and sprinkles. If they want a design, I charge depending on the design.