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Topic: 11 x 13 cake pan and more............
marym. 05/08/2008 4:21 PM
I am new to this board and would really appreciate some help from more experienced bakers. I am making my granddaughter a b-day cake and am using the 11x15 pan. I want to do a 2 layer. Usually I bake a thick layer and split it and fill then ice. Would it be better to bake 2 thinner layers and put them together, if so how many cups of batter would I use per layer. Also I plan to do this 1 to 2 days ahead of time. Should I use a simple syrup on it to keep it moist, if so how do you do that? I will appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks in advance.

Jeanne G 05/09/2008 9:01 AM
You can ...
1. Bake 2 cakes, each the full 2" high, stack them with a filling, and have a 2-layer cake 4" high, as you would for a wedding kitchen cake.
2. Bake 2 cakes, each about 1" to 1.5" high, a stack them for a 2-layer cake.
3. Bake 1 cake, the full 2" high (or 3" if that is the size pan you have), split it and fill it for a 2-layer cake.

Your choice. It depends on the look you want and how many servings you need. Obviously you can cut smaller pieces and get more servings with option #1 than with option #3.

If you are using a cake mix you will not need a simple syrup. It is a good idea to crumb coat the cake a few hours after it is baked.
Sami_Lynn 05/09/2008 9:06 AM
IMHO it doesn't really matter....either way, I would just make sure to use bake even strips (or some form of them) and to use 3 flowers nails (in each pan, if you choose to bake 2 layers).
If you are making these a couple days in advance I would just wait till they are completly cooled and then I would either put them back into the pans, or on a cake board and then wrap them with saran wrap and then with aluminum foil and then put them in the freezer, no need to put any syrup on them to keep them moist. The cakes will actaully be more moist when you take them out of the freezer.