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Topic: Salted Butter Vs. Unsalted Butter For Making Buttercream Icing
yummycakes2008 04/16/2008 9:35 AM
I was wondering whether salted or unsalted butter is best to use with the Wilton buttercream recipe? Is salted better to cut down on the sweetness? Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!
Tracey1970 04/17/2008 10:24 AM
I've used both, and to be honest, I've not noticed any difference in taste. I know people say that the salt cuts down on the sweetness of the powdered sugar. I found no difference.
Jeanne G 04/17/2008 10:48 AM
Most "experts" on cooking and baking recommend unsalted butter. That gives you control over the amount of salt, if any, to add to your recipe. When you use butter that has had salt added by the processor you don't know how much -- and it apparently varies a lot from brand to brand.

Salt in buttercream is a personal decision (as so many taste questions are). You can use no salt, the salt in pre-salted butter, or add your own as you make the frosting. If you like your current results, don't change. If you wonder if something else would be better, experiment.
yummycakes2008 04/22/2008 3:59 PM
Thank you guys so much for all your help!! I am posting a new topic with a picture of my finished cake so you guys can see.