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Topic: How Many Boxes of Cake Mix do I need to fill an 11x15 -2 inch Deep Pan?
yummycakes2008 04/15/2008 3:56 PM
I am making a 1/2 vanilla 1/2 chocolate 11x15 sheet cake and I was wondering if anyone knows whether I should use only 2 boxes or 4 since the pan is 2 inches deep? I appreciate any help anyone could give me. Thanks!!!
Jeanne G 04/16/2008 9:22 AM
That pan takes 11 cups of batter. Most cake mixes make about 4.5 to 5 cups. I think that 4 mixes would be way too much batter, and 2 might be pretty skimpy.
michk 04/16/2008 9:29 AM
This link will tell you how many cups of batter you need to fill all types of pans:

This chart is a lifesaver--I printed one and put it in the cabinet with my cake pans so it's always handy. The chart says your cake pan needs 11 cups of batter. Depending on the brand, each boxed mix makes 4-5 cups of batter. I'm a "better safe than sorry" person, so I'd buy 2 boxes of each flavor in case. I hope that helps!
mamajaejae 04/16/2008 9:49 AM
Only use 2 cake mixes. You can use different flavors (ex: vanilla/chocolate) side-by-side or swirl them like a marble cake.
Do NOT use 4 cake will have way too much batter.
bunnywoman 04/21/2008 11:34 AM
I use 2 mixes. Typically I use one white and one chocolate.
yummycakes2008 04/22/2008 3:59 PM
Thank you guys so much for all your help!! I am posting a new topic with a picture of my finished cake so you guys can see.