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Topic: candy clay vs. fondant/etc.
kraftymommatn 03/19/2008 3:54 PM
Can anyone please tell me the difference between the candy clay (recipe found on this site) and other kneaded type products, i.e. fondant, etc.? Which one holds up better in heat? Which one is easier to work with? Which one tastes better? That kind of thing.

Thanks for your time and knowledge!!
wadeaminut 04/01/2008 9:30 AM
I use both. Fondant Pros: holds its shape better when you are working with it and dries hard. It is wonderful for making figures and small details. When it gets too dry when you are working with it, smear a little Crisco on it and work it in. Con: The ready made kind that I have used does not taste very good.

Candy Clay Cons: is affected by the warmth of your hands and can get droopy. It also never seems to dry very solid. I have found it works better when I dust my work surface with powdered sugar often. Pro: Candy clay tastes good, especially to kids.

I use candy clay when I am putting a lot of things on the cake that would take too long to pick off before cutting, such as leaves, hearts, stars, flowers, etc. I use fondant for figures and other 3-D objects.

By the way, I have never totally covered a cake with fondant or candy clay. I frost with buttercream and decorate with candy & fondant. Hope this helps.