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Topic: Doll cake transporting
kpalm 03/05/2008 8:26 AM
I will be making a doll cake for the first time and would like to know how to transport it. The few store in my area that sell Wilton cake boxes do not have anything tall enough, and I do not think my round cake carrier will do either. Any suggestions from someone who has made and transported one?
cakes06 03/05/2008 4:20 PM
Just get a box from a postal/supply place. They come you would probably need a 10x10x10 or something like that, but they're square and tall enough. Then put a piece of rubber shelf liner under the cake so it won't slide and also under the box so it won't slide in the car. I use these types of boxes all the time for wedding cake deliveries and they range in sizes from 8x8x8 up to 22x22x22. They work great.

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PrplTrkey 03/05/2008 4:25 PM
I haven't transported this cake yet, but have transported some other odd shapes, and what I found that worked was a large rubbermaid container that was deep and wide enough to lift it in and out, and then I used rubber pads to keep it from slipping back and forth and it worked really well. Good luck:
pragivaid 03/10/2008 11:14 AM
A mail box store has good, sturdy boxes that are tall enough. Alternatively pop into your neighborhood dollar store, they have a ton of cardboard boxes that they don't need of all sizes. You can tape the box up, cut one side in the front so that you can slide in the doll and then tape that cut piece back and remove it and slide the doll out when you reach. The rubber mat mentioned above is a good idea especially if your cake is not too heavy.

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