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Topic: How to make red and black icing?
ethynsmomma 01/25/2008 11:36 AM
I have been decorating cakes for about a year now and the most difficult thing I have found is trying to make red and black icing. Can someone PLEASE give me some pointers on how to make these two colors look like red and black and not dark pink and dark gray. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

Ethynsmomma--aka: Jennifer
hpjmom 01/25/2008 3:43 PM
LOTS of icing color. If you have time, order Americolors Super Red & Super Black. THey work better than any I've seen.

If you don't have time, start with pink icing, then add A LOT of Wilton's No-Taste Red. For black, you can start with chocolate icing (if you have some on-hand). If not, I usually take some other color I have on-hand & then add black to that.
DRMWMC 01/25/2008 3:44 PM
Just takes a lot of icing color.

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Tracey1970 01/25/2008 4:00 PM
For red, our Wilton instructor told us to colour the icing dark pink first and then add "no taste" red from there. I guess it's easier to get a dark red when you start with a pink base, versus a lighter white base.

For both black and red, many people start with chocolate icing. Same idea as above. It's easier to get darker colours when you start with a dark base. But you have to be OK with a chocolate icing (and some people may prefer a white or can't have chocolate).

I have even heard that some people make black by mixing together small portions of different coloured icings that they have left over from other projects. So they might have some leftover green one time, and they put it in freezer. Then, they maybe have some leftover blue or purple or whatever. That gets saved too. When black is needed, this mixture of colours is combined, and sometimes if the colours are dark enough, they'll combine to make black by themselves. But if they don't, you can then add black colouring to the mixture, and it shouldn't take too much black colouring to get a good black when there's such a mixture of colours to begin with. Not sure if you could make a red out of that??

Hope that helps.

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ethynsmomma 01/28/2008 10:22 AM
Thank you so much. I will definitely try that. I am about at my whits end with it. Thank you!!!
kphillips 01/28/2008 11:27 AM
I have found the powder icing at my local cake shop and it is GREAT for the red and black.
bunnywoman 01/28/2008 6:53 PM
For both I use Chefmaster colors and start with chocolate buttercream.
Sami_Lynn 01/28/2008 6:58 PM
I have found that the best way to make Red Icing is to color it brown first (not like dirt brown) and then add red to it. I too have found that the Americolors work best when trying to make red or black. And you do have to use a lot.
If you let icing sit for a while, it does darken up some....not much but some.

If I ever need red icing and not that much I give in and buy the Wilton pre-made stuff sometimes....if all you got to do is write "happy birthday" in yourself the frustration and get the pre-made stuff.
I recently made red fondant and it turned out pretty good by making it brown, then adding terra cotta, and then adding red, and then adding some maroon to darken it up, after I let it sit overnight, it was definitely red. (I attached a picture so you can see it, its the Semi-Truck Cake)

To make Black frosting I found (by accident) the best way to do it is to make Green frosting and then add black to it. I made green frosting for a Frankenstein cake a while ago and wanted black for his hair and well I just added black coloring to the green and it turned out perfect.
(I attached a pic so you can see the shade of green I used and you can also see how black my frosting came out by just adding black coloring to the already green frosting, its the frankenstein cake)

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fifenhorn 02/29/2008 11:46 AM
I wish I had read this before I tinted my icing. I used and entire tub (1/2 oz) of no taste Red, along with some burgundy and some copper, but it is still most definitely PINK. Because I had 2 cakes to ice, I have the remaining "pink" in the refrigerator, and I'll be headed to my local party store to find some more red.

I needed black too, but I broke down and bought the pre-made tube of black icing at my grocery store (I don't need much). But now I know to start with green for the black and brown for the red.
Joani 02/29/2008 6:17 PM
On the color chart on this website it says that it could take up to 1 jar of Wilton red per cup of icing. I colored 2 cups of white icing last night. I used 1 jar of no taste red for 2 cups of white icing. It turned out to be a really nice, true red.
sweetheart1 07/22/2009 1:14 PM
To make red icing mix a little orange and then add red. It wont take much of each color. If you work on a pink base and add red you will need to use the whole jar. Try with orange and red. Most important about mixing colors is to let it rest. Colors get more intense and dark after some minutes.
pj'scakes 08/10/2011 2:06 PM
I found if I used a far amount of the black color and let it sit for half hr or so it turns black black!