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Topic: cake bible?
bettycece 09/26/2012 9:57 AM
Does anyone have this book? I know there are a few out there, was wondering which book is better to get for cake recipes?
cakedujour 09/26/2012 11:24 AM
I have The Cake Bible by Rose levy Bananbaum. Awesome book. I don't know what other cake bibles are out there, but THIS is the one to own.
chinasam 09/26/2012 3:34 PM
I also own the cake bible. I tried her white chocolate cake, and I was told by the recipient of the cake -all she knew was that I tried a different recipe for that cake- that MY white chocolate cake was better! What an honor! That is the only thing I have ever tried.
atomicladie 09/27/2012 8:27 PM
Maybe you are thinking of the Cake Doctor....many books, I have at least three, maybe four.
kathy1 10/01/2012 10:42 AM
I love The Cake Bible. I have made Rose Levy's white velvet butter cake. I get so many compliments on it. Everyone tells me it tastes like a cake from the bakery. The chocolate domingo cake is also very good. Rose gives you a lot of info about baking.
dottiepark 10/01/2012 12:37 PM
There's also the Dessert Bible by Charles Kimball (of the Test Kitchen show), which in no way compares to ACTUAL scripture, AKA the Cake Bible, by the incomparable Rose Levy Beranbaum. Her Christmas cookie book is another must have.
bettycece 10/12/2012 2:16 PM
thank you ladies, I just ordered the christmas cookie book and the cake bible one. So excited to get it and try some new recipes for christmas !
cakedujour 10/12/2012 3:35 PM
Rose's Pie and Pastry Bible is another great book to have.
dottiepark 10/14/2012 6:50 AM
Betty, when you get the cookie book, try the almond crescents, the Moravian spice wafers, and the mahogany buttercrunch toffee.
Baker_Rose 10/15/2012 7:40 PM
I have used my copy of the Cake Bible so many times over the last 18+ years that it has fallen apart and is in three pieces. I made a little belt to hold it together on the shelf.

Love it, and here's a second on the White Velvet Butter Cake. I just made it for the millionth time for my birthday!!
cakedujour 10/15/2012 9:19 PM
Hehehe! Mine isn't in three pieces but if it were selling on Amazon it would be in the bottom choice regarding condition. It is well used. As it should be.