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Topic: How to add a box of pudding to a boxed cake mix...?
MissyLayton0608 12/04/2011 7:28 AM
Aside from opening the bag and pouring it in, of course, lol. Do I need to up the amount of oil I put in, or should I add an egg? I want to put 1 package of Candy Cane instant pudding into a white cake mix, which normally I put 4 egg whites in. I'm thinking I'll use 3 whites, 1 whole egg and an additional 1/4 cup veg. oil. Does that sound right? Modifying recipes is NOT my forte but I really, REALLY want to start putting myself out there more. Thanks everyone!
Spooky_789 12/04/2011 10:25 AM
Here is a thread that includes a doctored cake mix recipe. Scroll down just a bit for it.
bunnywoman 12/04/2011 1:20 PM
For your example above here is what I would try first:

1-Duncan Hines White cake mix
2 whole large eggs
2 Tablespoons of canola oil
1 1/3 cups water
1 package Candy Cane pudding

Mix on low for 1 minute and then on medium speed for 2 minutes. Pour into prepared pans of your choice and bake on 350* till done.
****Baking times will vary with your pan choices.****

Now I am not a huge fan of dumping in a whole box of pudding in a cake mix unless I am making the stand-up teddy bear pan (or a 3D pan). The cake comes out almost "wet." Some people like that texture but that is just not my thing.
emmer_d 12/06/2011 9:12 AM
Candy Cane pudding...I haven't seen this yet.

Bunny - I usually add an extra egg when I use a boxed mix + box of pudding. And I use 1 cup of water and double the oil. Are 2 eggs enough for this recipe? I think it's the basic "doctored" recipe that I've found on here.