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Topic: What happens if I put marshmallows in cake batter?
lilsista 09/29/2011 9:18 PM
Just curious if it would incorporate into the batter, or stay distinct from the baked cake? Would it regain its fluffiness or stay "melted"? Wondering about trying it and just thinking maybe someone here has tried it already. Thank you for any replies/help!
Spooky_789 09/30/2011 8:26 AM
The MMs will puff up with the heat, then as they cool, they will shrink. Not sure if they will get hard or stay soft.

I did see on a blog a person's experiment with putting MMs in cupcakes (she was trying to make a s'more cupcake). She used the large MMs, put one in each CC, and it puffed way up, then shrunk back down. She said that while they didn't look very good, they tasted very good.

So maybe try your cake with the miniature MMs and see how it works. But be prepared with extra ingredients in case you are not happy with the results and need to make another cake sans MMs.

Good luck and let us know how it turns out.
dottiepark 09/30/2011 9:56 AM
In Sunday School for Easter we would take a big MM and dip it in butter and cinnamon sugar (to signify anointing the body with oil and spices) and then wrap it in pie or biscuit dough (the tomb) and bake it at around 400 degrees. The marshmallow would melt down and disappear, leaving an empty but still tasty tomb. Since cake bakes at a lower temp, maybe it wouldn't melt completely.
bunnywoman 09/30/2011 10:10 AM
Oh Dottie I have made those and they sure are tasty!

I have not tried baking marshmallows in a cake or cupcakes before.

Where is Cat? Time for an experiment Cat!!!!!!!!!!.........just sayin'

lilsista 09/30/2011 6:05 PM
Thanks everybody! No one said it would prevent the cake batter from baking and that was one of my fears. The Sunday school one was interesting and I'm going to pass that on to try. On a different note, my sweet little '97 Rav had to get towed to the shop yesterday, but I drove her home today! It's going to be a great weekend! Hope all of you enjoy yours, too!
Mopar Doll 10/04/2011 2:23 PM
I just recently made mini and regular cupcakes w/ pieces of mm in them that where just a bit smaller then a mini mm, because I didn't have any on hand. They melted up and into the batter as they cooked and disappeared. Now saying that when we tasted them you could taste the MM in the batter. They were tasty but you still love to find a way to keep the MM whole in the batter while cooking.
lilsista 10/04/2011 5:22 PM
Thank you for that piece of info, Mopar Doll. It's disappointing, but good to know. I'm dying to try myself, but with the schedule this month......I'll be lucky if I get my sister's bd cake done when she comes in! Thanks again, everyone!
furball 10/08/2011 4:31 PM
Here is what I used to do with my boys when they were young. I would take refrigerator biscuits in the tube & flatten them out. I then would put 2 mini marshamllows & 3 choco chips in the middle of the biscuit, then fold 1 end of the biscuit over. Pinch the edges with a fork to seal, then deep fry them in oil. They only take a few seconds till they are done ( they float). Put them on a plate & sprinkle with powdered sugar. My kids love them, but watch out...they are addicting!
lilsista 10/08/2011 7:58 PM
Well, now I know what's for breakfast tomorrow morning! Thanks, Furball!