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Topic: Can I just add red food color to white cake?
lily2521 08/04/2011 9:48 AM
I posted earlier that I'm doing a sweet 16 cake, and she asked for Red Velvet cake. I have tried a couple of RV trial runs and both tasted pretty bland - I wasn't impressed. I found out last night, it's not necessarily the RV cake she has to have, she just wants the cake to be red in color. a huge fan of DH white cake mix, can't I just make that and add a 1 oz. bottle of red coloring to get it red, and hopefully it will taste better than the RV recipes I've tried? Will this work, or will all of that food coloring change the flavor too much? I'm not sure what to do here...if I should just make the RV knowing it won't taste all that great (which I really don't want to do!) or can I make the white cake, color it red, and voila! Red cake.?

sweetgrandma 08/04/2011 9:58 AM
I don't know why it wouldn't work. Just allow for the extra liquid. You may not even have to add the full bottle....mix half and see what happens, then if necessary you can add the rest.
I'd probably add extra flavorings, either extra vanilla or almond or lemon.
Spooky_789 08/04/2011 11:27 AM
Instead of using the store bought liquid food coloring, use some of Wilton's or AmeriColor's paste red coloring. You won't need as much. I have done this when I've baked rainbow cakes (where the cake itself is colored like a rainbow). I have also colored a white chocolate velvet cake purple when the birthday girl wanted the cake to be purple.

Oh, you should try the white chocolate velvet cake. I think I posted the recipe here in this forum. It is yummy!
Spooky_789 08/04/2011 11:30 AM
Here is the recipe as maybe I didn't post it.

White Chocolate Velvet Cake
1 white cake box mix (any brand)
1/4 cup cake flour
1 1/3 cup water
1/4 cup oil
2 teaspoons clear vanilla (can use regular vanilla)
1 teaspoon butter flavoring (optional)
3 egg whites
1 box of white chocolate instant pudding mix (4 1/2 cup size)

OPTIONAL: Melt 6 oz white chocolate with 2 tablespoons of heavy cream. Add in to mix. Again, this step is optional.

Mix all ingredients on low speed until liquid is incorporated. Increase the speed to medium until mixed well. The batter will be about as thick as pudding and will be silky and smooth. Pour in prepared pans and bake at 325 degrees for length of time indicated for your pan size.
Chasey 08/04/2011 12:52 PM
Do not use just any red food coloring. It is going to take A LOT to make that white cake a true red. Red food coloring is notorious for making icing taste bitter. (Too much Wilton black does the same thing.)

I suggest using Wilton's No Taste Red and be prepared to use the entire small jar.

That's interesting that she really is looking for the color red and not the actual taste of red velvet. Which, by the way, is a slightly tangy (from the buttermilk), yet mild tasting cake that is super tender and moist.

cakecrazy25 08/04/2011 1:06 PM
When I made RV cake with a cake mix, I used a white cake mix, used buttermilk instead of water/milk, oil as called for, eggs as called for + 1 extra egg, 3 tbsp. chocolate pudding and a little cocoa powder. I used 1 1/2 bottles of Wilton no taste Red. I thought the Colour was good and you couldn't taste the food coloring. I was going to add more red but I ran out!

You could just add the Colour but use Wilton or Americolour GEL colors, as the others have said.
Maxsmommy4507 08/04/2011 4:07 PM
Spooky that recipe looks awesome! Im going to use it. Approx how many cups of batter does that recipe make? (if you know)
Spooky_789 08/04/2011 9:09 PM
Maxsmommy, I don't remember. The original recipe (which I think Jlobanon posted) said she baed it in a 12" square pan. If that's the case, that would be about 10 cups of batter.

I do know it raises a lot so don't fill more than 1/2 full, as I had it overflow twice into the bottom of my oven!
bec sucré 08/05/2011 4:46 PM
The original (Wilton) Red Velvet Cocoa cake makes enough for two 8 inch pans and taste great. The color is amazing too! Check out the recipe on this website under "Recipes". It's quite easy to make.