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Topic: Freezing cake batter
sweetation 06/28/2011 1:17 PM
Hi everyone, I was wondering if it is safe to freeze cake batter? If so what is the maximum days I can freeze it for?
Thanks so much.
bunnywoman 06/28/2011 1:26 PM
Lady cat did an experiment on this very topic. She found it to be true that you can successfully freeze cake batter, thaw, bake as normal and still get a nice volumed cake.

I have not tried this as of yet, but I trust Cat.
sweetation 06/28/2011 1:28 PM
Thanks B I will try it.
Tater 07/17/2011 7:21 PM

Here's the link to a test I did and then posted pictures on this forum back in Feb 2010. I froze the batter for a week if memory serves. It did not freeze solid and some expressed concern over this. I attributed it to the high oil content. The cake came out wonderfully. Taste and texture were as if I had just mixed the batter.

I realize no one has been on this thread since June but figured I'd share just in case anyone was still wondering how it would work out.

Happy baking!
cakedujour 07/17/2011 8:19 PM
I have some leftover WASC batter in the freezer from last weekend that I plan to bake next weekend. My batter is not frozen solid either. Next week I'll let everyone know how I made out.
sweetgrandma 07/18/2011 7:08 AM
On another note....I just read in a cake book that it's perfectly ok to mix your cake batter in the morning, put it in the fridge, then take it out in the evening, pour into the pans (without restirring) and bake.
I haven't tried it yet but the lady who wrote the book said she had heard you could do this and was skeptical, so she tried it and the cake turned out perfect.

Maybe ladycat wants to experient again?????
m_mckinney1 07/18/2011 1:28 PM
I have done all of the above, with no noticeable differences in height, taste, or texture. If I have a large amount of batter to make, I can fit 3 box mixes along with bunny's extender recipe into my 6 qt KA. Of course, I can't fit that amount of cake pans in my oven so I put it in the fridge between batches. I've used it at least 6 hours later (though I did lightly stir) and it was the same. Also, if I have leftover batter I freeze in quart size freezer bags then thaw in the fridge overnight for use the next day. Great for making just a few cupcakes for the kids when they're begging. Or I will mix a new batch of batter then stir in the thawed batter for larger cakes. I have frozen for as long as 1 1/2 months with normal results.