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Topic: Substitute for Camp Coffee?
Cooksmart 01/14/2011 8:05 AM
When living in Britian I used Camp Coffee (it's a Scottish liquid with a lovely unique flavor) in my Sticky Toffee Pudding cake recipe. I can't buy it here in the USA. Anyone out there know what a good substitute would be?
Cooksmart 01/15/2011 7:19 PM
houmoore4 01/15/2011 7:28 PM
What kind of unique flavor...chocolate, toffee,
selina 01/15/2011 11:30 PM
i would use an instant coffee powder, just make it up into a thin paste like camp. Camp is a chicory coffee liquid used for making a cup of coffee.
Cooksmart 01/16/2011 7:15 AM
Yes, thanks for this. It IS a chickory flavor - not really coffee, but I think you're right that may be the closest. All of a sudden I'm thinking of a coffee called Chock Full 'o Nuts. Wonder if that is available anymore...?

Thanks again.
cakedujour 01/16/2011 9:15 AM
I found this site that sells pure ground chicory. Would this help? They also have coffe and chicory.
Cooksmart 01/16/2011 9:18 AM
Well now that is fun! Thanks Cakedujour. I think, on reflection, that chickory really is the salient flavor, so I'm definitely going to focus on that. Or, I could just pop over to Scotland... ;)
MARIE J 01/17/2011 6:53 AM
hahaha Cooksmart - IF you make that trip, can I give you a shopping list ? !! ! LOL
cakedujour 01/17/2011 9:35 AM
Shopping list? Heck, I want to tag along!
arctic cat 01/17/2011 4:24 PM
cooksmart,i had seen camp coffee a few years ago in the grocery stores .i will check for it the next time i'm out and about .oh and by the way,i live in Newfoundland,Canada.but i will check anyway and see if they have a web site or an 800 number that you could call to find out if it is sold in the US.
Cooksmart 01/18/2011 7:54 AM
Thanks arctic cat. I did a bit of an Internet search a while ago and couldn't find it. I do have a British Pantry grocery near me... I know it sounds dumb, but I actually didn't get myself in there to look. Will report back.
bunnywoman 01/18/2011 3:38 PM
Anyone care to elaborate on exactly what flavor "chicory" is?

I have never had it before and am just curious and intrigued.
Cooksmart 01/18/2011 10:00 PM
I'd say it is a lot like coffee but with a a grain taste like wheagy sort of. It's nice.

cakedujour 01/18/2011 10:07 PM
I had chicory coffee in Brennan's restaurant in New Orleans back in the late 70's. If you do the math you'll realize that I am way too old to remember what exactly the taste is, hahaha. Rats. It isn't funny, sigh. Oh well, will you buy "not old but experienced in years"?
arctic cat 01/19/2011 10:52 AM
bunny,years ago we used camp coffee to make Tia Maria.maybe that will help with the idea what it would taste like.