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Topic: Substitute vegetable shortening for copha?
aime-lou 01/12/2011 12:38 AM
Hi everyone just a quick question in Australia we don't have vegetable shortening (crisco) we have copha which is a fat shortening made from hydrogenated coconut oil do you think this would be ok? we use it for chocolate crackles
thank you
bunnywoman 01/12/2011 9:05 AM
I can not speak for that as I live in the USA and we do have Crisco and other shortenings.

Just wanted to ask if you are safe in Australia with all of the flooding going on in Queensland? Heard on the news last night it is headed for Brisbane. I have a few Australian friends but they live in Canberra and Melbourne. I hope you are safe Aime-Lou.

aime-lou 01/12/2011 10:05 AM
oh thanks bunnywoman i live on the gold coast so we have just missed it but some friends and family have been evacuated from their homes. My partner and i are fostering 4 dogs to help the RSPCA (animal shelter) because people have had to leave their pets behind and the RSPCA is crowded but untill the water levels drop their is nothing anyone can do. But its breaking all our hearts and we are in for a big cleanup soon ,thank you for your message im glad your friends are safe and sound x
YOFJAB 01/12/2011 4:11 PM
aime-lou, hope you are out of harms way and it is wonderful of you to help with the poor animals.
I have no idea either about your coconut oil. Many here do not use crisco anymore because CRISO changed their formula and is no longer a high ratio shortening. So are you saying that where you live you do not have any vegetable shortening or are you saying you can not find specifically CRISCO?
If no one can answer your question here, would it help if I sent you the ingredients on the can?
Like you I am not sure if the shortening being based on vegetables is the most important thing. I know the transfat content is important to many bakers.
MARIE J 01/12/2011 8:22 PM
aime-lou - I also hope you are safe !!

I do not believe that you can, since it will impart a coconut flavour to the buttercream !!

Do you have any other kinds of vegetable shortening that you could use ?
aime-lou 01/12/2011 8:35 PM
Thanks everyone yes I'm safe and sound.
as for the vegetable shortening we don't have anything besides copha i have no idea why.. thats a good idea yofjab i will look up the ingredients and compare ..thank you and thats what i was worried about marie J i think it will change the taste :(
Thanks ladies
aime x
MARIE J 01/12/2011 8:43 PM
I just did a search, and found a link for another site, which says that it's the best substitute, but it isn;t anything like Crisco !!

Also, there's a site called mumbo - not sure if you're a member for it, but if you are, try doing a search on there !!

Here are a couple of other links for information as well !!

Hope they help you some !!
aime-lou 01/12/2011 9:13 PM
Thanks marie J.. I really appreciate it ill give copha a try and tell you all how it turns out
YOFJAB 01/14/2011 9:21 PM
How do the bakeries down there make buttercream? I am surprised there are no recipes in Australlia for American Buttercream?
mmumsie 01/14/2011 10:18 PM
YOFJAB - the old formula for Crisco was never high ratio shortening.

Aime-lou - let us know how the Copha works out. Maybe try have butter and half Copha?
YOFJAB 01/15/2011 10:23 PM
Sorry mmunsie --- I only started making buttercream/icing recently --since they changed their formula. From what I read on here with alot of people complaining about the new 0g trans fat etc., I thought the old version was high ratio. People now say they look for high ratio shortening. Then what is the difference between the old CRISCO and high ratio? Why did CRISCO used to work so well if only high ratio will work so well now as a substitute???? Now i am confused....... ( nothing new LOL )
bunnywoman 01/16/2011 2:47 PM
Oh another thing I thought of Aime-Lou................

How about contacting Planet Cake and asking them what they use for shortening?????
Fitange 01/19/2011 9:50 PM
Hi there, I am new to baking desserts and I am attempting to make some cake pops for my daughters 7th birthday next saturday. I though I would experiment this weekend, and I was told that you can also use Canola oil to compensate if there is no vegetable shortening available. I am also from australia, and I have heard that the wilton candy melts can be a little thick to dip. I looked around and people on site told me to use canola oil as it will do the same thing. not too sure though
any thoughts?
nomesy81 03/04/2011 4:29 AM
just to let you know ... copha doesn't have a coconut taste... and as it is the only shortening i can find in Australia myself that isn't made from animal fat , beef or is lard i am going to use it ,..i only need a little to soften some fondant, but i think it will work.. i don't think i will use it for butter cream tho... my idea of butter cream is to use butter not shortening in it.. they only put shortening in the butter cream so the colours are brighter ( is that correct???) so i figure and my icing is always yum .. so i see i don't need shortening in it.. but i might try it one day .. i know we can get vegetable shortening here in aus, but not from the supermarket .. ( i used a heap to make a sculpture of a statue for school once... don't know where the school got it from tho ) so when i find out where it is i'll let you know aimie lou..
zon 12/05/2011 8:38 AM
if you still live in Gold coast there is a cake stuff supplier in darra which offers crisco type vegetable shortening
you can order online to

hope this help