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Topic: Dream Whip Frosting
Barbarainnc 11/27/2010 8:14 PM
I found this recipe on the net:

Dream Whip Frosting

Place 2 cups Crisco shortening, 2 pounds powdered sugar, and 1 envelope Dream Whip in a large mixing bowl and beat until creamy. Add 1 tablespoon white corn syrup, 2 teaspoon pure vanilla extract, and slowly add 1/2 cup water. Beat until fluffy.

Barbarainnc 11/29/2010 12:17 PM
I've made this frosting with great results!!!!
Chasey 11/29/2010 12:28 PM
Can you describe the taste for me? Would you say it's like bakery icing?

Does it have somewhat of a greasy mouthfeel? What kind of taste does the Dream whip add? What does it do the texture?

snoopysmama 11/29/2010 3:20 PM
did you do any piping with this recipe? does it crust?

i'm going to make my dh's bday cake and i thought i'd like to try this recipe....


Barbarainnc 11/29/2010 6:20 PM
I used this frosting on some sheet cakes. It is a recipe from a cake decorating class. I don't know if it crusts or not. I didn't do any piping with it.

I'd make a 1/2 batch to see if I like it. The Dream Whip is used dry, straight from the envelope.
Barbarainnc 11/29/2010 6:26 PM
1/2 Batch Recipe of Dream Whip Frosting

1 c. Crisco
1 pound powdered sugar
2 Tbs. Dream Whip (Dry Straight from the envelope)
1 1/2 tsp. light corn syrup
1 t. vanilla
1/4 c. water

Beat Crisco, sugar, and Dream Whip until creamy, then add the corn syrup and vanilla. Add water slowly and whip until fluffy.
snoopysmama 11/29/2010 6:33 PM
thank you, Barbara, I'll give it a whirl
Chasey 11/30/2010 7:44 AM
Believe it or not, I have an actual request for "lard frosting" LOL!! I was just thinking this was possibly what they were referring with all crisco, like bakeries tended to be in the past.

However, she doesn't want whipped "crap." She requested Harris Teeter (a regional grocery store) vanilla with icing roses type of frosting. Can you tell this is a colorful 17 year old ordering this through her mom?

Does this recipe feel greasy in the mouth a little after you eat it? Would you say it's comparable to what you might find on a grocery store cake (not one with Rich's Bettercreme.)
Barbarainnc 11/30/2010 6:45 PM
To be honest I can't remember, I just make it and eat it!!!!! LOL It has been a while since I've made it. It is good!!!
Chasey 12/01/2010 7:40 AM
OK, I'll answer my own question since I made it last night!

I combined this recipe with Indydebi's crisco based dream whip icing recipe from Cakecentral. They are very similar, minus the corn syrup. I did add a little to mine.

First let me give the disclaimer that I don't like all crisco based icings. I've never used high ratio shortening, but I hear that can eliminate the greasy mouth feel of the non trans fat crisco.

I followed the CC tips to whip the crisco to death before anything else. It looked like sour cream when I added the rest of the ingredients. I had to add lots of powdered sugar and more water than originally called for in her recipe and the half recipe posted here. It was just too greasy with crisco otherwise. I also had to triple the flavorings!

I whipped the entire batch for about 20 minutes on medium in my KA per the tips I read. My husband and I sampled it and the conclusion is yes, it does taste like typical grocery store cake icing that "buttercream" roses are made of. (crisco cream is more accurate since no butter is used!)

While it's not my preferred icing, it does taste super creamy and just what I expected! Not sure why I had to add so much flavoring though. I used clear butter, vanilla extract and Creme Bouquet to achieve any flavor whatsoever, and way more than I would have anticipated. And yet the flavor is still subtle.

Thanks for sharing this recipe, it was perfect timing for the cake I have due on Friday for a teenager!
snoopysmama 12/02/2010 12:02 AM
Lard frosting :P