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Topic: Rich's Bettercreme and Frostin Pride
YOFJAB 11/13/2010 11:52 PM
I have seen many posts here and elsewhere where people talk about using Rich's Bettercreme and Frostin Pride and how to flavor them etc......

Are they the same thing or is Rich's Bettercreme an easy pre mixed buttercream and Frostin Pride is astablized ship cream. Is Frostin Pride sorta like Dream Whip or Cream Whip but stabilzed?

Also I am in the Philadelphia are and could only find Rich's Bettercreme At Sam's club but only in a 5 gallon bucket. I am not a professional and don't have the frezzer spce or need for that amount. Can t be found anywhere else is smaller conainers? Where do us non professionals get it??

So if I can not get Rich's Bettercreme them evertime I see a recipe I should just substitute my buttercream ( Bunny's version )) for it?

And when I see a recipe for Frostin Pride, can I substitute Cool Whip? OR a home made stabilized shipping cream?

Sorry if I sound upset, but i had a horrible week and keep seeing these two products in recipes again and again. Thanks for letting me vent and listening to me.....
zinger60 11/15/2010 9:37 AM
I have used Rich's Bettercreme and absolutely love the taste of it. I'm not sure if you have a Gordon's Food Service store near you but that is where I bought it. It comes in a carton, like a cardboard milk carton and is frozen. I think it is a quart size.
gabbymae 11/15/2010 10:10 AM
I DO NOT like the taste of Rich's bettercreame, I would take the time and make your own icing at home if you have bunnywomens recipe for her icing stick with that it taste much better Rich's icing taste really greasy not creamy.
zinger60 11/15/2010 12:16 PM
When I tried it, it was FAR from greasy. It tasted like whipped cream. Maybe we are talking about two different things.
Sugar Pie 11/15/2010 7:15 PM
Rich's Bettercreme is a non-dairy whipped icing. I'm not really familiar with Frostin Pride, but what I have read on it, it is also appears to be a non-dairy whipped icing/topping. It is very light and fluffy, and is not greasy at all. It is very easy to work with, but does not take color very well. I always use my air brush to get the deeper colors. I have used it in many ways ~ for pie fillings, salads, frosting & filling cakes, flowers and decorations ~ just to name a few. I have mixed it with puddings, Kool Aid, different flavorings, peanut butter, and various other products.

As far as substituting buttercream for these products...I wouldn't. Bettercreme & buttercream are completely different products. Cool Whip would be more in comparision, but it would probably depend on the recipe. I've never substituted Cool Whip for Bettercreme, but it would be more like Bettercreme than the buttercream would be.
Did you ask if you could buy a smaller quantity at Sam's? Sometimes they will sell it by the pound. I buy mine in liquid form by the case ~ 4 gallons at a time. I do not buy mine at Sam's.
I hope that I have given you some information that will help you. ( At the very bottom of this page, you can read about Rich's Bettercreme)
tmb2012 03/23/2012 4:28 PM
I am trying to figure out a good recipe for making an oreo cookies and cream filling made with bettercreme? Anyone have any suggestions?