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Topic: vegan cake/frosting/fondant help!
Rainglow17 11/09/2010 2:08 PM
I have a vegan relative coming into town and we're having a get together in her honor, so a cake I am making for the party is going to be vegan. I found a link someone else posted for a chocolate vegan cake that I'm going to use (is there any problem using Canola Oil in place of Veggie oil?). But i'm not sure about the frosting. I wanted to use fondant... I am pretty sure that the Wilton ready to use fondant is vegan (it would go bad sitting out on the shelf so long otherwise, wouldnt it?) some googling told me it is vegan, but I havent been able to actually look at the ingredients as I do not have any on hand. I havent made a cake with fondant yet, and I have totally been wanting to. This is the perfect opportunity because it's a casual get together, no biggie if the cake doesnt look that great. but not sure what to do for the "crumb coat" layer that goes in between the cake and fondant. Also, is ganache vegan, as long as I make it with margerine and not butter? (ya know, the stuff that is just melted chocolate chips and butter/margerine). oh wait, are chocolate chips vegan as long as it's not MILK chocolate? I know that probably sounded really stupid to some of you, but I really don't know what i'm talking about here, when it comes to vegan stuff, it seems like you're replacing stuff left and right!
snoopysmama 11/09/2010 2:59 PM
Hi There!
Well....where do I defenitely is difficult to be vegan in mainstream America.....As far as fondant is concerned, all I have have ever seen contains some form of gelatin, which is a BIG no no for a is a slaughterhouse products made out of hooves, snouts, etc. There ARE vegan Marshsmallows, but they are very hard to find, usually only found at a HFS or you may be able to get them on line. Most margarine is also non vegan as most contain milk solids, lactose. There is a great vegan margarine called Earth Balance, which you may be able to find in a mainstream grocery store. Bittersweet choco chips MAY be vegan or may not...a good clue is to look at the allergy alert, to see if it contains any milk products. Instead of fondant I would go with BC made with Earth Balance....there is a product called Tofutti that makes a non-dairy cream cheese that you could use to make frosting. There is a great website called Post Punk Kitchen with a huge database of recipes....she has also published many cookbooks, a favorite of mine being "Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World"...Veginomicon is also wonderful, the Betty Crocker, all purpose cookbook for vegans. You may want to talk to her before her arrival and check to see if there is anything you could get for her to make her visit more comfortable. It all depends on how strict of a vegan she is, of course. Animal products are hidden in EVERYTHING, things you would never believe......some vegans wont touch cane sugar and only use beet sugar, as cane sugar is filtered through bone char....many wines and beer are filtered through isinglass, which is made from the bladder of a fish....
Please feel free to PM me or em me at if there is any way I can help you....and please check out post punk kitchen....they are a wonderful group of people and I am certain they would help you any way they can.
Take care ad LMK if I can help you in any way